How North Korea Culture Is Different Than South Korea Culture

How North Korea Culture And Dating North Korean Women Might Be Different

Curious about dating a woman from North Korea?

Meeting women from North Korea culture are hard to come by (unless you live in North Korea!) šŸ˜‰

Where could you meet them?

And if you did what would they be like?

Would it be different than dating a Korean woman who grew up in South Korea culture?

How are North Korea and South Korea culture different?

Where To Meet “Chosun” Women

Besides going to North Korea there are two other places where you can legitimately meet North Korean women (and maybe experience the North Korean dating culture from afar.)

North Korea’s restaurants in other communist countries (China, Vietnam, Cambodia, etcā€¦) allow you to experience North Korean culture and women. You can interact with them there over some Korean food and to North Korean music.

You can experience the culture as well in China’s city Shenyang. I haven’t been yet but am curious because apparently both North and South Koreans live there.

Granted you first have to get into China! šŸ˜‰

Experiencing North Korean Culture

My personal experience is limited to a North Korean restaurant in China. It felt like a South Korean restaurant where no one spoke English and the music was patriotic chanting.

That being said when I interacted in Korean with the waitresses I could tell two things:

ā€¢ They referred to the South Korean language (Hangugeo or ķ•œźµ­ģ–“) as ChosunMal (or ģ”°ģ„ ė§.) Because old Korea was called Chosun.

ā€¢ When they were laughing too much they would start going back and the restaurant was empty except for my friend and I, and only one waitress.

So in other words you’d feel like you were in South Korea 30 years ago. It’s less ‘globalized’, shows more of it’s old roots and they serve dog.

On Dating A North Korean Woman

It would be like dating a very conservative South Korean woman. The North Korea culture is very isolated and foreigners are perceived as the enemy (rather than just the ‘oppressors’ as they are in South Korea at times.)

Also I would think that unless you’re dating a defector from North Korea that it would be very difficult to date a North Korean woman.

Granted a lot of South Korean women are actually North Korean because their families escaped North Korea before they closed the border.

Final Thoughts on North Korea Culture And Women

Sure it sounds fascinating dating someone as exotic as a North Korean. That being said it probably won’t be much fun. She would be very conservative/traditional and you’ll need a lot of patience to deal with the radical cultural difference.

Granted if that’s your thing then check out Shenyang and/or a North Korean restaurant the next time you’re in Asia. You can also probably also find North Korean communities in South Korea.Ā  Heck if you’re really serious check out these Koryo tours where you can actually visit north Korea.

In any case good luck!