How Korea Culture Is Different Than The West For Dating!

Discover How KoreaCulture Is Different!

How Western and Korea culture are different when it comes to dating.

Get ready to pick up the basic differences of your culture and Korea’s and discover how her behavior actually makes sense (for Koreans anyway.)Korea’s current culture is shaped by opposite values from the West. It’s different that Koreans in your country and local Koreans have a different way of perceiving the world.Understanding these differences will help you rest easy and clear your confusions more.First it comes with understanding • the values • the history • the sense of identitythat shapes Korea. Then you get to enjoy your relationship with that special Korean woman.

What Do Koreans Value?

In my experience Koreans valueCommunity over individuality. If you’re Korean you’re expected to value the others’ opinions as much and sometimes more than your own. What that means to you: If you’re planning on dating or marrying her it’s culturally unacceptable for her to do it without her parents’ and family opinions. So befriend her social circle (and keep learning Korean dating advice!) 😉Status over meritocracy. Korea culture has buddhist influence. Your status is because of your karma and thus there is nothing you can really do about it. Granted it’s not an extreme buddhist culture but it’s present.What that means to you: So if you have status and/or are “in” her social circle you can except to have better chances with her. Being funny or interesting is only a plus!Self-education over money. Koreans spend most of their time and money educating their children. This has boost Korea to one of the top economies.What that means to you: If you’re in Korea you might try to schedule a date with her but if she has to study then you take second priority!Also if she asks you “what do you do?” if you want to hide what you do you can say that you’re a student (as long as you’re studying ‘something!’) 😉 If she’s in your country it means that she might be there for just the academic educational (rather than the cultural) experience.

Korea’s History and Culture

korea culture

Korea’s history shaped the culture so let’s go deeper into it.

Modern South Korea comes from the Silla dynasty. Their society focused on status and education. That’s why when confucianism and buddhism came a thousand years ago Silla easily accepted them and made Korea known as the “most Confucian country.”‘Korea’ is the foreign name for ‘Dae Han Min Guk’. This difference shows how the rift between Koreans and non-Koreans is in the language. Heck they refer to themselves as ‘Ouri Nara'(우리 나라) or ‘our nation’.Koreans had bad experiences with foreign nations. Throughout Korean history foreigners have either occupied, invaded or kept Korea as a ‘satellite country’. Even today many feel that South Korea is a vassal state to the United States (and that North Korea is China’s.)This shapes Korea culture the we know it today.

Korea’s Lack of Identity

Sadly Koreans are struggling with their identity because of their harsh past and brute reality – they still aren’t an ‘independent nation.’ They’re a divided country shared between two superpowers.When you experience Korea culture you’ll see that it involves a lot of drinking (to make the suffering easier.) You’ll also feel a sense of distrust of local authorities (the feeling is that they’ve been bought by the superpowers) and a tighter bond between families and small communities.But the biggest trait you’ll notice about Korea culture is that Koreans simply don’t enjoy life.South Korea has the highest suicide rate in the industrialized world and their people work the longest hours. What’s worse is that Koreans in general know about these problems but aren’t doing anything about it!

How This Can Help You

A lot of times when things aren’t going well with your Korean date or relationship it’s not because of you.Koreans in general have so many problems because of their culture that you just add to the equation!You can still take action! By discovering the dating culture of Korea you can be the foreigner in her life who understands Korea and her relationship to it. It will set you apart as an amazing man who cares.So instead of beating yourself if it doesn’t work, simply appreciate what you have and accept what shapes Korean women (what about North Korea culture? Click here to find out!)