How Is a Korean Couple Different?

Is a Korean Couple REALLY Different?

How is a Korean couple different? Discover how couples from Korea act differently and know what your Korean girlfriend will demand of you.

If you’ve ever looked at a beautiful Korean couple you’d think that they’re made to be together.They wear the same clothes and look fashionable!But…is it all sunshine and good times? What do Korean guys go through to keep their beautiful Korean girlfriend?Is it just a question of being ‘Korean’? If you want to date Korean women what can you do to make them feel like you’re serious about whomever you’re with?There are things that will shock you and will help you discover what being with a Korean woman is all about.

Couples From Korea Do Everything Together

Compared to the West where both the man and woman are given their privacy and distance – it’s not so for Korean relationships.Koreans are expected to do things together and be “one”. Couples wear the same clothes and text each other daily. Sure this might sound romantic but after a while you can begin to feel chained.She’ll expect this of you to a degree. I recommend making sure you text her regularly and spend the time to do things together. This will make her feel like you’re really a couple and that you care about her.

In my case I would send pictures of my lunch of what I was doing and send them through via smartphone apps like ‘Kakaotalk’. Even though my Korean girlfriend would love it I would never do this with a Western girlfriend! Note: For more detailed tips on what you can expect from your Korean girlfriend just click on the link.

Korean Couples Are Geared Towards Marriage

Western society is more accepting of open or casual relationships. Not so for Koreans. When they date it’s because they’re going to marry (or at least are strongly considering it.)If a Korean woman is someone’s girlfriend it’s because she wouldn’t mind marrying him. Otherwise she wouldn’t mention him to her parents or friends. She knows that if she mentions him then she will be pressed (or expected) to think about marrying the guy. Sure not all parents are so conservative but in general this is the rule.If you don’t plan on marrying her then that’s okay. You can still date. Just don’t expect her to tell her parents and friends about you. She might not want to marry anyone anyway (more common these days with Koreans.)

Korean Couples Are More Materialistic

Korean boyfriends are expected to buy gifts for their girlfriends regularly. In fact if he “really” likes her he would shower her with gifts.To Westerners the amount of importance to the material part of the relationship can shock them. If you’re dating a Korean woman and you’re not buying her anything (like lipstick, clothes, etc..) she’ll think you’re not serious.I recommend giving her a gift from time to time. More so than you would with a Western woman. In my case I wouldn’t buy her anything but I would take her out to dinners or movies. That would be enough to make her happy…guess I got lucky. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Whereas with Western women I used to date I would rather create things (like a poem or draw a picture of us) which they valued more in general.Granted Western men get more slack than Korean men for buying things because it’s not so much in our culture to do so (besides for Valentine’s day and their birthday.)

Korean Couples ComeFrom Social Introductions

In the West people become couples through casually meeting at a party or social gathering. A lot of marriages happen from people meeting at clubs and bars.Not so for Koreans.In most cases the man and woman were introduced through friends with the explicit purpose to go on a date. If they like each other then they can proceed “on their own.”For a lot of Koreans their parents send them to ‘matchmaking’ services. They’ve never met before and are only matched based on their jobs and blood type.

Are Korean Couples Happy?

Korean couple

A lot of Korean couples force themselves to be happy in their relationships if they have to. This makes sure everyone is happy.This happens even though they hardly knew each other before becoming a couple.This includes keeping their friends and family happy.Koreans (and a lot of Asians still) date for more practical and utilitarian purposes than Westerners. Granted that doesn’t mean that it’s worse. In fact it could even be argued to be better.Both the man and woman have to learn to like each other. They also bond more deeply and do what they can to be ‘one’. For more on how to get a Korean girlfriend and work with her culture click on the link. Have fun! ๐Ÿ˜‰