How A Girl From Korea Is Different!

How Is A Girl From Korea Different?

How’s dating a girl from Korea different? Decide for yourself if dating a Korean woman is for you by discovering what you’ll be dealing with.

Find yourself wanting to date a Korean?Dating a Korean woman is a unique experience! She isn’t like a Western (or even a Korean girl) who grew up in your country in so many ways.Soon you’ll discover more than the differences are more than skin deep.You’ll also decide for yourself if you’ll like those differences.I know that I’ve made that choice because I love how they: • come from an exotic culture • think differently than Western women • will treat you differently Even if you’ve never heard of Korea before you’ll still enjoy learning about it and her. She’ll introduce you to a dating experience filled with things that you will prefer and make you wiser.As the expats in Korea say: “You’ll love to hate it and you’ll hate to love it!” 😉

Experience an Exotic Culture

Korean culture is very different from your own. Each girl of Korea you meet and date will bring you a different way of looking at life and doing things.If she cooks for your you’ll do more than just eat with chopsticks. You’ll be eating from small dishes and will get to try homemade ‘Kimchi’. You’ll also learn what each dish means and might even find one you like.If you guys are intimate you’ll discover how she will take her clothes off in an instant once you’re alone. Then when you’re both finished she’ll quickly put her clothes on and will be shy if you see her.On the other hand if you want her to be wilder bed you’ll have to teach her what you like.More often than not a Korean woman hasn’t had the range of experiences that you’ve had. She might not even know about them!These are just some of the differences you’ll find when dating a Korean woman.

She Thinks Differently Than a Western Woman

A Western woman in general likes to “shittest” you. Just to make sure you’re ‘man’ enough she’ll put you through hoops to make sure you can “handle her”. Not so with a girl from Korea. She might not talk much but she’ll only complain when she feels like she needs to. During the rest of the time she’ll assume you’re man enough and will follow your lead.

Then again she won’t tell you that anything’s wrong until it’s too late. A Western woman would be more likely to let you know about her unhappiness sooner.You can listen to more of the differences in the video below:

She’ll Treat You Differently…Will You Like it?

A Korean woman will generally be more submissive than a Western woman. This is not just about following your lead.She’ll also expect you to do all the work. You decide what type of relationship you have. You choose what to do and where to eat.One thing about Western women that I do like more is that it’s easier to befriend them. There are some cliques and cultural references that a girl from Korea won’t understand – but a woman from your country will.It’s easy to miss those cliques and trying to teach them to a girl from Korea can be difficult.

Should You Date a Korean Girl?

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If you’re looking for something new and exciting then dating a Korean girl will be something worth going for.There are 5 types of Korean ladies and you can decide which type you’d like more by clicking on the link!On the other hand if you’re thinking about a long-term commitment then get ready to deal with the different culture.The differences go deeper than how you eat and with what tools.It goes beyond what you wear.We’re talking about things that you assumed everyone valued (like freedom) being pushed aside for something you’ll ponder on (like unquestioning obedience.)If you’re up for the adventure then go for it! 😉

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