Good Time in Seoul With Meeting Korean Women

Are you visiting Seoul?

Why not have a good time in Seoul by taking pictures and meeting Korean women?

It’s fun and they’ll enjoy it too!

But where can you go that is worth visiting AND that has an abundance of locals to talk to?

A few places that are worth visiting for that are:

  • Insadong
  • Ghanghwamun
  • Gangnam

If you’re up for exploring Seoul and having fun getting to know the locals then these 3 places are worth the trip!

Place #1 – Insadong

Insadong is a street filled with old tea houses and antique shops. It looks and feels like a street from the past.

It also has plenty of beautiful Koreans walking by. You can always ask one to take a picture of you and an old tea house.

In any case if you venture outside of Insadong you can find plenty of other fun places like the bookstore under Samsung tower.

Place #2 – Gwanghamun

time in seoul

If you’re in Seoul then this is a sight worth going to!

You can reach this place by taking the subway to Gwanghamun station.

If you look at the picture you’ll notice that there’s a big palace in the back. There’s also a cool history museum underneath the old King’s throne.

Granted there aren’t many Korean women to talk to at the square. Then again the female police offers who patrol the square are quite pretty too!

If you go around the plaza you’ll find museums and bookstores that are worth checking out. Not only that but it’s right next to Insadong!

Place #3 – Gangnam

good time in Seoul

If you want to have an amazing time in Korea whilst meeting Korean women then go to Gangnam station.

It is the busiest place Seoul and has some of the most beautiful Korean women!

The place is very modern and gives Seoul such a vibrant and modern city feel.

Also some of the hottest women from Korea come to either study or work in Gangnam.

If you want gorgeous Korean ladies to surround you as you’re taking pictures of Seoul then you’ll love this part of town.

More on Having a Good Time in Seoul

If you’re planning to do some Seoul tourism and want more on where to stay then I recommend clicking on the link.

Seoul is a great place to at least visit. You’ll get a feel for how modern and ‘comfortable’ Seoul can be. Everything is in English. In my case after visiting other Asian cities like Hong Kong and Shanghai I can say that Seoul is full of helpful people.

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Have fun! :)