Free Interracial Dating Advice For Dating Korean Women!

Free Interracial Dating AdviceFor Dating Korean Women!

Free interracial dating advice for dating Korean women.  

Comprehensive dating tips that go beyond learning the language and culture.

Want a stress-free interracial dating experience with a Korean woman?

Sadly most intercultural dating tips stop at telling you to learn the language and being patient.

Taking a language course and meditation is not enough to remove the hardships that come with international dating (or at least in my experience.) 😉

Although they’ll make you smarter and more relaxed – I recommend more to make you wiser and more patient.

These fundamental dating tips will help you enjoy your new-found relationship stress-free!

Free Interracial Dating Tip #1 Accept Her

When you first met her you were captivated by her culture and ethnicity. She struck you as mysterious and exciting at the same time!

Once you started dating everything was wonderful.  You were discovering new things about Korean culture and language.

Everything was great!  

But then something happened.  After a while the ‘newness’ of the relationship wore off and you were beginning to question her habits and attitudes.

After all, some of them are so different than from your own culture!  Worse is that they go against what you KNOW to be right and moral!

For example she wouldn’t hold your hand in public as if she was embarrassed of displaying her feelings for you.  She also didn’t introduce you to her parents or friends even though the relationship was serious (or so you were wondering.)

What’s going on?  

Whenever you catch yourself experiencing relationship cultural challenges like this I recommend accepting the differences and reserving judgment until you’ve talked to her.

Because she’s not going to change her values and cultural ethics because you told her to.

Some things (even trivial things) that she does will shock you.  Your questioning them will shock her!  Accepting the potential cultural clashes and that cultures clash will help you get past it all so that you remember what really matters – you both are into each other.

Free Interracial Dating Tip #2 Be Proactive

Again, when you’re dating a Korean woman you’ll face radical culture shock.  It’s important that you be proactive with communicating to her your issues and listen to her.

She will not take any proactive steps to communicate or mend the relationship.  This is different from Western women who communicate and more proactively try to fix the relationship.

Korean women take a more passive role and expect you to be the man and do the work.  Either that or they’ll drift away and disappear without a word.

I also recommend being proactive with learning the language and the culture in order to help you understand her better.  In fact if you want to strengthen the relationship I recommend asking her to teach you! :)

Learn more about how to avoid the problems of interracial dating by clicking on the link!

Free Interracial Dating Tip #3 Keep an Open Mind

free interracial dating

It’s Friday and you bought tickets to see a movie.  She agreed to it but at the last minute cancels on you.

Why couldn’t she make it?

She suddenly had a company dinner and had to go to it.

You plan a trip with your Korean girlfriend and at the last minute she tells you she can’t make it – her mother wants her to go shopping with her!

When this happens what will you do?  In this case you value ‘independence’ and believe that she made the choice because that’s what she wants to do.

You believe that she made the choice because she would rather hang out with her mother than you.

I recommend taking the time to understand her perspective . In this case she values ‘family’ and the person who brought her life and sacrificed for her (her mom) wants to see her.  She made the choice because it was her duty to do so.

She believes that your insisting on seeing her is a sign of greed and selfishness.

What would you do?  Would you resort to sticking to a Western perspective and tell her off?  Or would you be willing to accept and embrace her Korean values and compromise?

Maybe you could all go shopping together!  Or she could come meet you AFTER she went shopping with her mother.

Free Interracial Dating Isn’t Really Free…

There’s more to dating someone from Korea because you want to avoid all the things you dislike about Western women.

This is especially true if you’re in Korea.  Interracial dating in Korea is different than interracial dating in America.  You can read why by clicking on the link.

I recommend that you be willing and accepting of the cultural, value and expectation differences.  They will frustrate and shock you.  You’ll feel betrayed and that you’ll also betray what you believe.

In reality it’s all about keeping an open mind and being patient (although it can be difficult!) If you’ve got both and are willing to compromise then you’ve got what it takes to date internationally.  She wants it to work and will compromise too.  Go for it! 😉