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Advice Tips Won’t Work!

Do you read free dating advice tips are always helpful to boost your chances on that date? Good move!The thing is that most dating tips (if you’re going on a date with a Korean woman) is that they don’t apply.

For most tips you read on the net the authors assume that you and her have:

  • a common cultural identity
  • the same level of maturity
  • a common dating culture

Unfortunately when you’re on a date with a Korean woman, most of what you’ve read about is impractical. Here’s ‘why’.

Your Worlds Are Different

So you know a good joke that you use on dates with Western women.

Unless your date speaks English and is familiar with Western culture – it will fall flat and you’ll be caught off-guard.

Not only that but you’re expected to to most of the talking. She won’t banter with you the same way Western women do.

She might also feel uncomfortable about being with a foreigner (probably for the first time) and that might scare her from talking with you.

Another example is that some free dating advice tips recommend you tell her if you’re no longer interested.

In Korea that’s considered too upfront and inconsiderate. If you’re not interested you’re expected to just disappear.

Those are some of the realities of dating Korean women that free dating advice tips from the West don’t really cover.

There’s A Different Level Of Maturity

free dating advice tips

At some level we expect our date to be well-mannered and able to act like an adult. Well if we’re holding Western standards then we’re in for a rude awakening.

You take her to a nice restaurant and see her talking with her mouth full! She then starts chewing loudly. Yikes! So complimenting her becomes difficult and enjoying yourself even more so.

The date is going well but all of a sudden she gets a call from her parents. She hangs up the phone and then tells you that she has to go. Huh? She’s in her thirties and still has a curfew!

You both plan a date for two and all of a sudden she shows up with a friend! What do those Western free dating advice tips recommend doing then?

Isn’t she an adult? I mean can’t she see you by herself? Especially if you’re going to a public restaurant. Are all three of you going to sit together?

Worse if it’s a guy she’s bringing because he’s probably going to ruin your chances afterwards! They don’t want “their” women dating Westerners, you see.

So if you’re going on a date with a Korean woman these are things that might happen. If you’re not ready then you can expect a lot of frustration from the culture and maturity-level difference.

Chances are she’ll show up late! In the West we think it’s impolite to show up late. So far my experience with dating Korean women (or just dealing with Koreans in general) is that punctuality for meet-ups isn’t that important.

It might be because since you’re already considered ‘friends’ that you’ll excuse tardiness. If you have any idea as to what the thought process is please let me know.

The Dating Culture Is Different

A friend of mine has decided to experiment on going on a date with a Korean woman ‘Korean-style.’

Do you know where they went? They went to a bar and got drunk while playing drinking games. Apparently she felt totally at ease with the whole experience because that’s how most Koreans go on dates.

Going to a classy restaurant is a ‘Western thing’. So don’t be too surprised if she’s not comfortable with going to a restaurant.

Actually how it really works is that you’re supposed to bring all your friends and she’s supposed to bring all her friends to a bar. Through the ‘introductions’ and drinks you get to know her.

I don’t care much for this (I’m too Western I guess) but I understand the dating culture difference.

And now you do too! Again, most free dating advice tips from the West don’t cover what to do in those situations.

Is It Really THAT Different?

Yes and no.

As we speak, South Korea is changing rapidly. The younger generation is more globalized and you can apply more Western free dating advice tips.

I’m also making it seem worse than it really is. You probably won’t have to deal with all those culture differences at once – but you never know!

However ‘m just talking about what it’s like in Seoul. The people in other Korean cities are much more traditional and conservative.

Then again Korean women who are outside of Korea are probably more open to foreign dating customs and will most likely follow your lead.

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In any case I hope that you learn from my mistakes and the mistakes of others who have had culture shock. The culture differences can cause unwanted heartaches.

I think that plain ol’ dating is hard enough – don’t you? 😉