ESL Jobs in Korea To Meet Your Ideal Korean Woman!

5 ESL Jobs In Korea That Help

With Meeting Korean Women!

5 ESL jobs in Korea and how you can make the most of them – especially for meeting a beautiful Korean woman.


Not all ESL jobs in Korea are created equal!

The job you choose to teach in South Korea depends on what you’re looking for.

When it comes to meeting and dating your ideal Korean woman I recommend choosing based on what your circumstances are.

Do you want:

  • to come to Korea ASAP?
  • status?
  • something else?

Depending on what you’re looking for and what could help you – I recommend understanding the different types of teaching jobs in Korea!

If You’re Not In Korea

Want to live in Korea now? If you’re looking for the easiest way to get a paid flight to Korea with accommodation then I recommend getting a hagwon job.

You can find plenty at the job listings of Esl cafe for hagwon jobs. On the forums you’ll also read about other teachers’ experiences and such.

Personally for a guaranteed job that will pay you (and give you an apartment) I recommend going for a big-chain job with

They make you work more but you’ll be paid on time and will have guaranteed housing and airfare. The standard job pays around 2.2 million won (US$2200) (including the housing and airfare) for working 35 to 40 hours a week.

So If you’re looking to meet a Korean woman in Korea as soon as possible then I recommend opting for a hagwon job. Just be sure the job is in a major city like Seoul or Busan.

If you’re in Korea then you have a lot more types of ESL jobs in Korea to choose from!

So being a Hagwon teacher will get you into the country but you’d better find a way to adapt to your soon-to-be hectic schedule (usually a split shift) so that you can date a Korean woman conveniently.

Want Status?

If you’re looking for a more distinguishable job then I recommend getting a University job. They are the creme de la creme because they give you money, time and status!

You see, being an English teacher in Korea is a low-status job. The media portrays those with ESL jobs in Korea as ambition-less vagabonds who couldn’t make it in their own countries.

On the other hand if you’re a university assistant-professor then you’re elevated away from that group.

Granted there is high competition for these jobs especially if you’re looking for one in Seoul. You also might need a Masters degree just for an interview (although this is changing!)

A good job will pay around 3.5 million won (US$3500) a month for 20-30 hours a week. You also get 6-10 weeks of paid vacation. This excludes housing and airfare.

They’re great if you live in Seoul because you will have plenty of free time and money to spend on your dating life! For more on having a dating life in Korea click on the link.

Get More Free Time!

If you don’t have a Masters degree then you can always opt to be a public school English teacher. This job has a bit more status than a hagwon teacher but not much.

The perks is that you get around 2.2 million won (US$2200) for 20-30 hours a week with 6 to 10 weeks of paid vacation. You can also apply for these ESL jobs in Korea or outside. They include airfare and housing which is a plus!

On the downside some of these jobs ask you to stay at the school even after you’ve finished your classes. The Korean government is also cutting back on English teachers for this job and replacing them with local Korean teachers who speak English.

So these jobs are going away but are still available! You’ll also have plenty of time to meet and date your ideal Korean woman if that’s what you’re looking to do.

Public schools also have big social circles of teachers who hang out after school. If you’re a cool guy and can socialize well you can make Korean friends right off the bat!

Want More Money?

Believe it or not but there are some ESL jobs in Korea that pay $60/hour! Your employer will also sponsor you so that you can pick up other jobs in addition to the one you’re doing!

This type job is great if you want to work part-time and make US$4000 a month! You can do this by working as a teacher for a private elementary, middle or high school.

So if you want free time and make good money to meet beautiful Korean women then this is it! Working one of the ESL jobs in Korea give you more status than a Hagwon teacher would have.

On the downside these jobs are hard to come by. Mainly because they are so good that the ESL teachers don’t leave them! Not only that but they aren’t advertised online. You have to know someone to get you into one of these jobs.

You’ll also get paid per hour. So even though you get 10 weeks of vacation a year they are unpaid. Granted if you want to do a English camp then you can!

Want To Stay a Short Time Only?

You can also work at a camp by itself but they usually send you off into nowhere and not recommended for meeting Korean women.

Camps usually last 2 weeks and even though they pay 2 million won (US$2000) for two weeks you won’t have much leisure time.

On the other hand if you want to work for two weeks and then spend the other two weeks in Seoul or another city then you can!

Many people with a sense of adventure have done just that! You can also make good friends with your co-workers. The Korean co-workers can also introduce you to the culture.

Recommend ESL Jobs In Korea!

esl jobs in Korea

So depending on what you’re looking for you can find it.

In my case I had to come to Korea as a hagwon teacher and work my way to better jobs (and eventually I did!)

You can also teach as a proper teacher in an international school but you’ll need proper teacher credentials.

However you plan on teaching English in Korea I urge you to get your Visa application underway!

If you can take an interview and have your Visa half-done then you’re ahead of the competition!

In any case I wish you the best of luck and hope that you take on the journey of

  • coming to Korea
  • taking advantage of the opportunities here and
  • meeting a relationship-fulfilling Korean woman!

I also recommend discovering what the dating scene is like if you decide to teach English in Korea.