Enjoy The Hamilton Hotel Seoul Pool Party For Meeting Korean Women!

Discover The Hamilton HotelSeoul Pool Party For MeetingKorean Women!

Discover the Hamilton Hotel Seoul pool party! Everything you need to know about what it’s like, getting in and how to socialize with the beautiful Korean women there!

Will you be in Seoul and single during the summer? ;-)Then I recommend lounging at the Seoul Hamilton Hotel pool party in Itaewon. You can find a hip place to chill out, swim, socialize and meet Korean women who are beautifully tanned!Being on an outside terrace you can see the city as you swim with beautiful Koreans and enjoy pop or house music.But when is the best time to go exactly? Where would you recommend getting a seat? How should we interact with the Korean women?Read on! 😉

The Hamilton Hotel Seoul Pool Party!

It usually runs from late June to early September. You simply go to the Hamilton Hotel and there are signs that will lead you to the pool (or you can simply go to the 5th floor.)Once there you ask for an entrance ticket that usually costs W12,000 on Weekdays and W16,000 on weekends and holidays. You can also request a lounge chair (highly recommended) that will cost you extra W9000 or so. If you don’t have a towel you can request one for W2000. The pool is usually open from 10am to 6pm (8pm on weekends) but closes on rainy days!Once you get in you get a locker key to put your valuables in. I recommend only having the bare necessities at the pool area as you never know. Once you enter the pool area you’ll be greeted by house music, beautiful women walking around and a bar where you can order food and drinks.

The Social Scene

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“So what’s the Hamilton Hotel Seoul Pool social scene like?”Most people who go there are club-goers.In fact the pool area is like a lounge/club. Most of the gorgeous Korean women there either work in the night scene or are frequent club goers.They’re still open to talking but you have to set yourself up properly.If you want to get ‘in’ with the coolest group at the pool then I recommend getting early and paying for a lounge next to the DJ booth in the back!

How To Start Talking To Korean Women There

It can be daunting when you first go to the Hamilton Hotel Seoul pool party. Especially if you’re going by yourself. That’s why I recommend going with some friends (ideally cool people and/or Korean friends.)Once there why not get yourself a drink to loosen up? If you have a lounge chair you can relax there and interact with your lounge neighbors.Tip: You can get one lounge chair between you and your friends if you want to save costs.You can also meet Korean women in the pool. I recommend being more subtle in the pool though because everyone can see you. The challenge there is that other women will see you talking to other women and instead of seeing you as ‘social’ they’ll see you as a player and will not talk to you.You can assert social dominance in the pool though by owning one of the toys that float in the Hamilton Hotel Seoul pool.

Have Fun At The Pool!

Granted you don’t have to be the social butterfly at the pool if you don’t want to.You don’t even have to go around meeting Korean women.You can just watch them from afar and it’s quite a sight!Or you can simply enjoy yourself and interact with the groups around you (if anyone at all.)In any case the Seoul Hamilton Hotel Pool Party is fun and a rare sight for Seoul.

Make sure you bring sunscreen and sunglasses! 😉 You can see what it’s like in the video below! › Hamilton Hotel Seoul