Discover Womens Sexual Fantasies And Seduce Your Korean Girlfriend!

Discover Womens Sexual Fantasies And Uncover Your Korean Girlfriend’s

Korean Women’s sexual fantasies are more intense than ours.

Imagine being the guy who uncovers your Korean girlfriend’s sexual fantasies. She’ll have you at the heart of all her fantasies especially if you can make them real for her.

First discover what are women’s common sexual fantasies. Then empower your relationship by finding which one’s your Korean girlfriend has and acting them out!

Soon you’ll be the kind of man she’s secretly always wanted. A Korean woman shares her fantasies with only the most special man in her life. Be that man.

Familiarize Yourself WithWomen’s Sexual Fantasies

After reading and talking about female sexual fantasies with my Korean girlfriends (and of course performing them) this is what I found. Most common sexual fantasies is a combination of:

  • tension
  • man’s energy
  • feeling of surrender

For more on what a powerful female sexual fantasy has click on the link.

For great examples of female sexual fantasies I recommend checking out My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday. She has women’s sexual stories and women’s opinions on their stories. If you want to understand just how sexual your Korean girlfriend can be I recommend getting the book.

And be prepared to be shocked. 😉 When I read it I couldn’t believe how intense their fantasies were compared to ours (or at least mine.)

So once you understand how sexual she is the next step is to find out which fantasy she prefers.

Create And Whisper Potential Fantasies…

The next time you’re out with your girlfriend I recommend thinking up a potential fantasy. For example if you’re both at a restaurant you can think of how you would go under the table and go down on her while she was eating her desert.

If you’re walking by a police car you can think of how you would tie her up and make her confess her crimes by teasing her sexually.

Of if you’re at a park at how you would take her to the bushes and make love to her. You can eh? I’ve had practice thinking some up. 😉

What’s Her Favorite?Act it Out

When you tell her these different fantasies she’ll do one of two things:

Shake her head and say you’re being ‘silly’. Rest easy – she’s grateful that you’re thinking this way. She’ll reject them harshly just to make sure that you take 100% responsibility for making her horny. In any case she’s not a big fan of that fantasy. That’s okay just keep creating new fantasies and whisper them to her. Until…She’s thinking about it and smiling. Sooner or later you’ll create a potential fantasy and she’ll play it in her mind.

women's sexual fantasies

If she likes it she’ll start to smile.Bingo.

Then that would be a fantasy you could act out either in your bedroom or in real life.

Did she smile about your ‘voyeurism’ fantasy where people could be watching?

Then next time you’re in your bed as you make love to her tell her how maybe the neighbors are watching. Or if you’re brave you can take the time to set it up in real life. I have and there’s nothing quite like it.

Could I Just Ask Her?

The reason why you can’t just ask your Korean girlfriend which women’s sexual fantasies she likes is because:

She’s not sure how comfortable you’ll be about it. If she told you that her sexual fantasy involved another man. Would your ego be able to handle it? A woman isn’t going to risk losing you for the sake of sharing her fantasies.

What women want and say they want is different. This is a big one. We both heard that women want a ‘nice guy’ but in reality prefer the ‘jerk’, right? Not that it’s true but it proves a point:

Women don’t consciously know what they want! Especially Korean women who’ve been brought up to hide their sexual desires (in general.) She probably doesn’t know what she likes and if you ask her she’ll feel guilty for not knowing.

So make life easier for her and yourself – just discover her women’s sexual fantasies and act them out.

She’ll love you (repeat:’love’) for it and will both treasure you and make sure you enjoy the sex just as much.

Get ready for some good times ahead! 😉