Discover The Seoul Night Life For Meeting Korean Women!

Discover The Seoul Night Life For Dating

Curious about the Seoul night life?

I don’t blame you! Seoul is one of those cities that never sleeps. It has a diversity of things to do that getting bored is hard! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Don’t think you’re a night person? Neither did I but South Korea’s capital has so much energy and multiple venues that you’ll find something to do at midnight!

“What about for dating Korean women?” Wondering if they fill the streets at night? I’m telling you that you’ll find so many beautiful women and things to do with them that you can’t go wrong!

If you’re looking to meet a lot of Korean women then the night life in Seoul is the place to do it!

The Nightlife in Seoul Never Ends!

seoul night in Gangnam

Unlike cities that close at 2:00am or 4:00am, you can find yourself partying until noon!

If you’re still up for partying at 6:00am then you can find after hours places to keep the fun times rolling!

Granted if you want to know where these after hours places are you’ll have to befriend the right people.

I went a few times but I’m not much of a club person.

I was surprised the first time I went because I didn’t think that Koreans had such places!

Yes Korean women love going to those places too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

A Diversity of Things To Do

“What if I’m not a club person either?”

You won’t have to worry in Seoul. There are so many other things to do like going to a coffee shop, lounge or laid back bar.

There are amazing coffee shops that you can find in Seoul at night! You’ll experience drinking coffee or tea surrounded by dogs or cats at their pet coffee shops.

You can also go to a bar made of ice! You’ll get a coat and mittens. You can grab a drink and chill out with your friends or meet Korean women sitting on a block of ice (in the middle of summer!)

If you want to hang out in the open air you can get a few drinks at a convenience store and chill out with your social circle at park or at tables that those stores provide.

You can also wander the streets and meet Korean women who are also enjoying the Seoul nightlife! ๐Ÿ˜‰

What If You Want Peace and Quiet?

Thankfully the Seoul night life is mainly in Hongdae, Itaewon and Gangnam/Cheongdam. If you would rather enjoy a more peaceful Seoul evening experience then you can just stay away from those places.

If you’d rather go for a pleasant walk I recommend going to Dongdaemun and walking along the man-made river that goes all the way past Insadong.

Don’t worry about crime! The nightlife in Seoul is among the safest in all the world’s mega-cities.

The Nightlife in Seoul To Meet Korean Women

Korean women also go out to enjoy themselves at night. In fact most Korean men take that time to pick up (or street hunt) Korean women during the night because of the abundance and the ‘social acceptability’.

Granted Korean society looks down on club-goers and anyone who lives too long in the night scene. But then again if you just want to have fun then who cares?

Go for it!