Discover The Secrets of Korean Culture For Dating Korean Women

New To Korean Culture?  Discover Its Secrets For a More Fulfilling Korean Relationship!

New to Korean culture?  When I first moved to Seoul in 2007 I had no idea that I was jumping two feet into another world.  In fact my relationship with my then Korean girlfriend was such a learning curve that my head is still spinning!

That’s when I decided to study everything I could about Korea and its people.  After 5 years I’ve decided to make your Korean relationship experience much smoother!

At Last! A Korean Culture Guide For Dating a Korean Woman


Get insider’s information on

• Korea’s dating culture (page 12)

• how you can be a part of their culture (page 15)

• 4 main types of Korean women you can meet (page 20)

• what Korean marriage is really like (page 31)

Get a Glimpse of Korean Society

As foreigners we don’t get to see how Korean society works or what motivates it.  Well now you can!This will allow you and your Korean woman to connect at a much deeper level (much more than any other foreign man she’s ever met!)  She will be amazed at how much you know of Korea.

In fact you can read this e-book with her and she’ll not only go deeper into what I say with you – she’ll also learn some things too!

Here are some excerpts – this one is on Korea’s education.


Get a Jumpstart on Understanding Korean Culture Today!

‘Secrets of Korean Culture’ comes from years or study and hundreds of dollars on books and courses (not to mention emotional heartbreaks with Korean girlfriends).  There was nothing like this before!

Some of the books I bought cost $27.00 while some courses made me pay $145.00 for it.

I’ve been able to simplify everything and make this for the price of…$7!

For the price of a drink you can finally understand what motivates Korean dating and marriage within the next 60 minutes!

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What Others Had To Say

Don’t just take my word for it.  Check out what some of my clients have said when they decided to get ‘Secrets of Korean Culture’

“Time is Running Out”

Are you dating or plan on dating a Korean woman?  There are so many thing she won’t tell you before she decides to disappear.  Here’s an excerpt of what happened to me:

Avoid my mistake.  Make sure you keep her and do the right things before it’s too late.  Get your copy for $7 today!

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