Discover South Korean Holidays Which Are Ideal For Meeting Korean Women

Discover Which SouthKorean Holidays Are PerfectFor Meeting Korean Women

Discover which South Korean Holidays Are Ideal For Meeting Korean Women and booking a trip for with confidence!

Planning a trip to Korea and want to know which South Korean vacations are the best for meeting beautiful Korean women?South Koreans know how to work long hours. When it’s time to take a break they also know how to party hard! That’s why there are two specific times of the year that are great for your South Korean vacations. If you’re able and willing to come to Korea during those times then meeting Korean women will be more fun and easy! Talk about having a blast hanging out with beautiful women!

The Best South Korean Holidays Are…

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If you’re a hot weather guy then I recommend coming between July 15th and August 15th.Most Koreans are on vacation some time between there and you’ll definitely be meeting Korean women on holiday.This is also when they walk in short shorts and high heels.Korean women also get a nice tan so they end up looking so sexy!What’s great about this time of year is that Korean women have more free time than ever.They’re more able to go out and do things.So if you’re coming for the holidays and want to tour you’ll be more able to meet a Korean woman who will travel with you.

If you want tips on how to date Korean women while you’re there then I recommend grabbing a copy of ‘Date Korean Women‘. It’s 100% secure and you get 2 EXTRA quality gifts for that long plane ride. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Second Best South Korean Holidays

The second best holidays are between January 1st and February 1st. I say ‘second’ because it’s cold this time of year in Korea! For more on Korean weather and how it will affect your South Korean dating vacation I recommend clicking on the link.Aside from that most Korean women are on vacation and/or their big company projects are finished.They’ll have more time to hang out and travel with you. You’ll also love their fashion! Korean women wear sexy leather boots and mini-skirts this time of year. They also have the bodies that go with it! Well worth the trip.Also Christmas is over so many single Korean women are feeling depressed for not having anyone. In fact Chuseok (Korean vacation) can be quite brutal if they don’t have a guy to talk about at her annual family reunion.

When NOT To Have Your South Korea Holidays

I don’t recommend coming to South Korea in either November or June. The reason is that that’s when Koreans are either studying for their exam or are working. On the other hand if you do come during these months the weather is much more enjoyable. You also can meet Korean women at these times only it will be more difficult to schedule anything with them.Also the flights will be cheaper so it’s really up to you and what your priorities are.

Booked Your South Korean Holidays Yet?

If you’re up for meeting Korean women I recommend doing your best to come in mid-July or early January. Depending on what your ideal weather situation is you can have a lot of fun in South Korea.For tips and advice on how to meet Korean women I recommend getting my ‘Date Korean Women‘ ebook. Again – it’s 100% safe and you get a proven system to meet Korean women easily.Have fun! ๐Ÿ˜‰