Discover Living in South Korea Pros and Cons

Living in South Korea And Dating Korean Women Pros and Cons

Thinking about living in South Korea? 

Discover the good and not-so-good side of making a life in South Korea and having a relationship with a Korean woman.  Learn from my 5 years experience of living all around Seoul. You might get a better idea about the place and decide if living in Korea is for you.

Pros of South Korea Living

Escape to an exotic place! If you’re from the West then Korea is a very unique place.  Immerse yourself in a place that is filled with Asian architecture and modern buildings.  

I’m not just talking about the cities.  The countryside is also very unique with its mountains whose forest surround Buddhist temples.  Listen to a new language and get used to a new way of living.  Spend less and save more!  Living in South Korea is also quite cheap compared to most places.  The real expensive thing is the rent.  If you’re going to teach in Korea then your school will cover it. 

In any case you can expect to save at least US$1000 a month if you’re careful.  That’s not too bad in a world with a restructuring economy. 😉

Cons of South Korea Living!

Don’t plan on fitting in.It’s been my experience that Koreans expect foreigners to leave Korea within a year or so.  This prevents you from really getting to know most of the Koreans you meet.

The reason is that there is not point (in their minds) to build deep relationships if you’re leaving in a matter of years. 

That being said many Koreans you meet are curious and you will make lasting friendships with some Koreans.  Just don’t expect it to be the norm.Prepare yourself for a conservative cultureDespite what K-pop and K-dramas show: Korea is one of the most conservative cultures in East Asia. 

If you think that they mini-skirt wearing Korean women and the B-boying Korean men are a sign that Korea is more liberal – think again. 

Korean society is conservative to the point where intercultural dating is still taboo…even in the capital!  Personally I found it annoying to have to deal with such conservatism in the most international parts of Seoul.Map out your future careerIf you plan on a life in South Korea for a few years while re-figuring your life then great.  If you want a career in Korea you’ll have to be creative.  Most foreigners are either teachers or military.  Even today you won’t find many businesses or international companies settled in Seoul that are looking for expats in Korea.Deal with the weatherSouth Korea has “4 seasons” :   • freezing winter • transition to hot summer • hot summer • transition to freezing winterIt gets so cold you wonder how Korea could ever be hot in the summer.  In the summer you wonder how it could ever be so cold in the winter!  In between you get a month rest-period. ;-)Rest easy – those 2 months of rest (May and October) are beautiful.  Personally I loved the fall in Korea as the mountains themselves would change colors.

Is Living in South Korea For You?

If you’ve considered these options and still are thinking about living in South Korea then good for you! It’s a choice I too made albeit I didn’t have this information.

Get the basics on date Korean women then click on the link.  Have fun and 화이팅! 😉

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