Discover How To Online Date Korean Women in 4 Steps

Discover How To Online Date Korean Women!

Discover how to online date Korean women in 4 steps

and guarantee a date with a Korean woman

As the internet is connecting men and women more people are discovering how to online date.

Especially in a place like Korea where Korean women want an out from their strict dating culture. This is where YOU come in.Meeting and dating beautiful Korean women online is becoming easier and more fun. You’ll do more than just improve your online and offline dating skills – You’ll also improve your Korean and social skills!

The first step is to decide if online dating is for you and how to do it. Rest easy – soon you’ll be easily meeting Korean women online and loving me for it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

How To Online Date Step #1 – Get Started

First you want to join an online dating site. The main website worth going to is Korean cupid.

Check out my experience with it and decide if it’s for you too.

Granted if you want to send messages and get more involved you might want to pay the price and join the website. If learning how to online date to meet beautiful Korean women then it’ll be a great investment.

How To Online Date Step #2

Set Up A Practical Profile

It’s a good idea to keep your first profile simple. You don’t need a PERFECT profile to have Korean women contact you.

Instead start with just a simple picture of you with a smile.

You can also add some more pictures of you doing things. 3 or 4 pictures will do.

As for your description you can simply mention the things you like and a bit about you. Make it interesting and genuine. It doesn’t need to be super amazing or anything. If you speak some Korean then having some Korean on your profile will help but it’s not necessary. For your first profile – simple is better.

You can always improve your profile and test out different pictures in the future. What really matters is what you do next.

How To Online Date Step #3

Find The Ones You Like!

You want to choose women who have a lot of pictures. This makes sure that you know more and more what she looks like.

When you get her number download Kakaotalk on your smart-phone. It’s a free app that most Koreans use. Be part of the crowd and send off-line messages more conveniently.

It’ll also help you double-check her looks and make your interaction more personal. Granted some Korean girls don’t have that app but it’s still worth getting: It’s more and more popular.

Most Korean women you meet are interested in meeting and dating foreigners. It’s how they can meet you in a way that’s acceptable (and secretive.)

How To Online Date Step #4

Contact Her!


Start sending messages. When you’re sending messages to the Korean women you like:Make sure you focus on the time it’s taking you to contact them.

If you look at the time it’s taking you to interact with Korean women then you’ll notice how you’re saving time (compared to meeting Korean women offline.)Send no more than 10 messages a day.

At first you want to keep track of how many messages you’re sending. This will make sure you’re in control of the message flow. If you’ve set up your profile properly Korean women WILL contact you back.

Make the messages fun!

  • Your message objectives are to:
  • have a fun interaction
  • discover if you connect
  • get her number and logistics

Make the messages fun. You can contact her about one of her pictures. Tell her how much fun that looks. Or simply ask her something about her profile that is interesting to you (besides her looks.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

For example if you see a picture of a Korean woman playing the piano you can tell her how cool it is that she plays an instrument. The more genuine you make the message the more likely she is to respond.

Find out where she lives and what she likes to do. I recommend screening them if they live nearby or what they like to do. Granted I don’t recommend sending her 20 questions. Ask her these questions through conversation. Be smooth. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Create message templates!

You’ll find some patterns in your conversations. To make life easier I recommend creating templates. Granted somewhere in the correspondence I recommend tailoring the conversation to the girl.

For example when you’re messaging about yourself you can create a template about that. When you’re talking about the girl I recommend customizing to your interaction with her.

How Soon Can You Expect Dates?

It depends on how committed you are on how to online date. That being said if you improve at it you can expect dates in a matter of weeks. That’s if you sign up to a website of course! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Again I recommend starting with Korean Cupid if you want to date Korean women. Simply click on the link to find out my experience with it.If you’re still deciding if how to meet women online is for you then click on the link.

Keep in mind that dating Korean women online is just one way you can met Korean women. You can always do both online and offline dating. Remember if the Korean woman you met online is not what you were looking for you can always let her go.

Have fun! ๐Ÿ˜‰