Dating Tips For Shy Guys Who Want To Date Korean Women!

Dating Tips For Shy Guys WhoWant To Date A Korean Woman

Dating tips for shy guys who want to date a Korean woman here! More so than the West, being a nice guy in Korea works! Learn how and why…

“What do you mean ‘dating tips for shy guys’? Doesn’t being ‘shy’ work in the West?”

Let me be more specific – By ‘shy’ I mean someone who doesn’t assert himself and has a hard time expressing his feelings or sexual desires.

Do women consider you to be a nice guy back in the West?

Maybe too nice to get a girlfriend or even a date?

In Korea, Korean women actually want a ‘nice guy’!

In general, Korean women live in a different reality than most Western women and value traits that ‘shy’ guys have. More so than the ‘cool’ and ‘tough’ guys that we idolize in the West.

If you’re a nice guy who’s got status and wants to fall in love then you’ve got it made here in Korea!

Have Status!

Most Korean women love a guy with status. Do you have a good job? Then you’re already ahead of the competition.

“How is this different than the West?”

In the West, women have more independence and don’t really need a guy with status. As long as the guy is fun and has a decent job then he’s okay.

Not in Korea. The better the job, the better chances you have at attracting your ideal relationship with a Korean woman.

Are you an English Teacher? That’s not enough. Teaching English in Korea gives you no status. Nothing. Zip.

So if you want to attract your ideal relationship with a Korean woman I recommend either switching jobs (one with better status) or learning how to communicate your other characteristics (like personality, sexuality) better.

If you’re shy and want help with being better at displaying your other traits then I recommend getting expert advice as to how.

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Fall In Love…Through Messaging!

dating tips for shy guys

In the West you don’t want to show too much interest. If you do then she’ll be bored and you won’t end up dating her.

That’s another reason why being a shy/nice guy won’t work there.

In Korea it’s the opposite! Korean women expect you to text regularly (I mean ten texts a day) and display your affection daily!

Not only that but when you meet she’ll expect you to carry her purse, pay for the meals and more!

One of the best dating tips for shy guys that I can offer is to express your feelings of devotion.

Your combination of shy-ness and ability to tell her how you feel works!

You see, Korean women (in general) want that constant re-assurance to feel secure in the relationship. Much more so than a Western woman.

She’ll also expect you to declare the relationship! In other words she’ll expect you to say “์‚ฌ๊ท€์ž” (saguija – which means ‘let’s be a couple!’)

Show Your Sexual Side…

Now here is where it’s different than the West. Korean women will not give you any hint or initiate any sexual advances.

It doesn’t mean that they don’t want to be more intimate with you. They expect you to be sexually dominant enough to assert yourself!

One of the most difficult dating tips for shy guys to understand is that – if you don’t display sexuality then she won’t see you as a sexual candidate. She’ll just slot you in the ‘friends zone’ (just like in the West.)

Then again you don’t want to display sexuality in public (or at least not sober.)

If you have a hard time showing your sexual side then grab a copy of my e-book ‘Date Korean Women‘ where you’ll discover more on what it takes show sexuality the right way!

You see, I too needed help with showing my sexual side to women and years of study and observation (and practice ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) I figured out how. Korean women who have entered my life appreciated it too!

Nice Guys Finish First!

dating tips for shy guys

Do everything I mentioned above and you’ll have a relationship with a beautiful Korean woman sooner.

Being a shy guy is okay.

In fact being shy makes a woman feel more comfortable and secure around you.

For a Korean woman this is very important. In fact they date you just for that.

That’s why all the dating tips for shy guys that you read about can work better in Korea than in the West.