Dating History of South Korea And Meeting Korean Women!

Discover The History of SouthKorea And Interracial Dating

Dating history of South Korea to help understandinterracial dating with Korean women.

Could the interracial dating history of South Korea be controversial?Why is dating a foreigner still special for Korean women and her parents? Interracial dating in Korea is a hot new trend and the magic word is ‘new’.Koreans really started dating foreigners just 60 years ago (although it’s been longer than that.)Even when the dating did happen it was taboo until ten years ago! Not to mention the fact the history of Korea is changing so rapidly that the old and new generations are at odds!Granted I’m referring to non-northeast Asians when I’m talking about foreigners.

Korean Interracial DatingStarted Just 60 Years Ago!

korean interracial dating

Korean women dating a foreigner was unheard of before the 1950s.After the Korean war in the US established bases there. This meant that a lot of US soldiers would be living in South Korea and of course they would date the locals.This was when dating foreigners started happening and before then having a Korean woman with a Western man was unthinkable!So only two generations of Koreans have seen the interracial dating history of South Korea unfold.Not only that but at the time Korea was dirt poor! Many Korean women were marrying Westerners and escaping the country!So even though many international relationships were forming most of them were overseas.Fact: The name for such a relationship was called the “American dream”. Not so much today! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Expats Immigrated Into SouthKorea Only 15 Years ago

Before the mid-1990s the foreign population in South Korea was so low it would’ve been in the negatives! ;-)Only military would come and live in Korea. Then suddenly English teachers started coming to work in Korea. Once that happened dating was becoming more popular but still very taboo! Deciding to teaching English in Korea? Click on the link for practical advice before you start.The media took an anti-foreigner (or anti-foreign teacher) stance to boost newspaper sales and limit the amount of foreign-Korean dating that took place. So in that short amount of dating history of South Korea being with a foreigner was frowned upon. Needless to say that that early dating history didn’t start off well.The older generation wanted to limit foreign involvement (like in any country.) Their perceptions and opinions still influence Korea’s interracial dating stance today.

The Generation Gap And The Clashes

On the other hand the younger Korean generation are open-minded about being with foreigners. They are more globalized than their parents (who grew up despising foreign involvement) and are pushing back against Korea’s homogenous stance.This clashing of generations happened before in the 1980s. Now it is happening again because of the big cultural and lifestyle differences between the young and the new generations in South Korea.

A Brief History of KoreaAnd Dating Westerners

South Korea as we know it has had a short interracial dating history.The radical difference between the young and old generation makes foreigners dating Korean women a complicated and taboo affair even in Seoul!Soon we will see a major inter-generational clash that will force South Korea to become more globalized.The country’s young are fighting for more freedoms and independence from Korea’s one-culture society. With it comes more Western-Korean relationships and dating. So if you’re deciding on dating Korean women in Korea then this is the time! ๐Ÿ˜‰