Dating Culture of Korea Revealed!

Dating Culture of Korea Revealed!

Discover the dating culture of Korea and start dating a Korean woman more successfully!

Discover the dating culture of Korea and start dating a Korean woman more successfully.Understand that the dating culture of South Korea is much different than in the West.

Both how they date and what they look for in a man is different (and yet the same!) Koreans date much more through social circle or match-making companies to find potential partners. They also look for partners who have higher status and connections rather than charm and personality.Yes you can argue that Westerners do the same but how they do it is radically different!

Discover How Koreans Meet

For Koreans everything happens indirectly.Korean men and women grow up believing that they can only date in their social circles.

To be a guy who goes around picking up women (which is more acceptable in the West) means that he has no social circle (and must be weird or unwanted.)Koreans introduce potential partners through ‘soggaeting’ (소게팅) which is blind dating. If the potential partners like each other they start dating!

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There is also a night scene where Koreans go to special nightclubs called ‘na-i-te’ (나이트.)

Korean guys go in with their friends and get a table.

Korean women go in to the dancefloor and “dance”.

Korean waiters take the women to a certain table and then the two newly-met social groups interact.In any case most of Korea’s dating culture involves indirect introductions.

On the other hand in the West it’s more socially acceptable to strike conversations with complete strangers. Not so in Korea but the dating culture is changing. Koreans are trying new ways to meet and date (like online and speed dating.)

Learn Why Koreans Value Status And Money

Westerners who come to Korea are shocked by Korea’s superficiality but that’s the way it is.Korean parents pay for their daughters’ plastic surgery to make her more attractive. Korean guys study to become doctors because it makes them more valuable (even though there are too many doctors in Korea and/or that’s not what they want to do.)In the West we believe in ‘love’ and ‘personality’. The only thing in the dating culture of Korea that relates to ‘love’ is if you can keep a harmonious relationship.When it comes to ‘personality’ as long as your blood type is compatible so will you be (okay I’m being a little sarcastic.)Koreans do value personality but not to the degree that Westerners do. In the West having an awesome personality is a great tool to attract a potential partner. In Korea it’s not enough.

The Ever-Changing Korean Dating Culture

Korea’s dating culture is changing as we speak. More men are letting themselves venture out of their social circles to meet complete strangers. More women are investing their time and money on getting careers (which was unheard of just ten years ago) rather than on becoming a pretty object. They used to just work on their bodies to attract their ideal partner. Not any more.If you’re looking to date a Korean woman then being able to get in the correct social circles and showing status (rather than personality) then you’ll be able to date Korean women guaranteed!