Date Your Korean Tutor – A Good Idea?

Should Your Korean Tutor Become Your Girlfriend?

We all have ‘Korean tutor’ fantasies…

(or is it just me?) 😉  When it comes to having a private teacher –

is it worth going from ‘teaching’ to ‘dating’?I’ve done it and I can tell you that there are some pros and cons worth knowing beforehand.  

You’ll have a clear understanding of what you’re getting yourself into.  You’ll also discover how to help make it happen because she’s probably interested too!

Why Dating Your Korean Tutor Is a Good Idea

It’s exciting – We’ve all had the fantasy of dating a teacher. Having the opportunity with our Korean instructor is a great chance at making it happen!In your sessions you’re also probably feeling the tension and excitement over time.  Wouldn’t it feel greet to just act on it?It’s stress-free –  You’re both together in a quiet (and hopefully isolated environment.)  You control the pace and are in charge so why not relax and have fun?She probably wants to as well –  A lot of tutors (especially the younger ones) are doing what they do because they’re curious about your culture.  Being intimate with you has found its’ way into her fantasies too. 😉You’ll learn Korean dating culture –  Who knows where your initial intimacy may lead?  Maybe you’ll have a long-term girlfriend. Maybe she’ll end up being your wife.  Or it might have just been fun and that will have been the end of it.In any case you’ll experience Korean culture in ways that you wouldn’t have if she was just your own tutor.  But then again that’s the problem…

Why it’s Not a Good Idea To Date Your Korean Tutor

You lose a tutor –  Once you both get intimate it will be very difficult (read: impossible) to have her become your tutor again.  If she’s a great Korean teacher then maybe it’s not recommended that you get more intimate with her.  You can always ask her to introduce you to her friends. :)You risk losing her –   She’ll feel uncomfortable with meeting you again as a tutor if things don’t work out.  On the other hand if you both kept a student-teacher relationship chances are she’ll stick around.You could always try to date her after she stops becoming your tutor.

She might not be interested – There’s a chance that she might want to just keep the student-teacher relationship.  As you try to get more intimate she’ll reject your advances and might not want to tutor you anymore.

How To Date Your Korean Tutor

korean tutor

So how would you get more intimate?Do you talk to her about becoming boyfriend-girlfriend as you’re studying together at a coffee shop?Not at all.  You’d want to keep your communication indirect and your interest subtle but obvious.

Study somewhere isolated –  I recommend setting up your tutoring in your house (for ‘quiet study-time’.) 

That way you have the least amount of distractions and no one is watching.Ideally you can study next to or on your bed.Touch her inadvertently –  Brush her hand as you excitedly ask for an explanation.  Touch her shoulder when she’s explaining what a certain sentence means.  Look at how she responds. Is she letting your touch her like that? Is she touching you back?  If she is then she’s likely interested.  If she’s pushing away then maybe not.Give her a sexual and fun look –  When you’re looking at her I recommend giving a sexual and fun gaze.  Keep the look more FUN rather than serious.In the end when the timing feels right…just kiss her.

Make This Work

If you want to avoid all the ‘what ifs’ I recommend finding another tutor as a backup.  Once you have another tutor and are happy with him/her you can risk getting more serious with your original tutor.If she becomes your date or girlfriend you’ll have a new tutor.  If it doesn’t work out you’ll have a new tutor!If you plan ahead and play it smart you can feel confident about whichever path you take.Good luck! 😉