Create Good Date Ideas For Your Korean Date With These 3 Tips!

Create Good Date Ideas For Your Korean Date With These 3 Tips

Create good date ideas for your Korean date with these 3 proven tips!

Have a Korean date soon and want novel date ideas to choose from?What if I told you that you could make your own?Imagine being able to create dates based on YOUR personality. That would be unique for her and genuine for you.Sound impossible? Not at all!After going on dates with Korean women for 4+ years I’ve discovered simple dating tips that can work for you too.Make your date a success no matter how big the language barrier.Read on!

#1 Good Date Ideas – A PlaceFor Easy Interaction

When you’re thinking up great date possibilities I recommend choosing places where you can talk.Granted you’d also want to avoid the awkward silence. You can do that by making the date a place where there’s enough around you to talk about.That place can also have things that distract you from having to talk all the time.Some examples would be A bookstore/coffee shop – You can grab a coffee and chat. When you’re out of things to say you can get up and find some fun books to share with her. You can also find a Korean/English translation book to help with the talking.A zoo or museum – If she’s willing to commit to a place like this then you can talk and see the things around you. This makes for a fun date because she’ll get to see the cute animals. You’ll also have plenty of things around you to talk about.

#2 Good Date Ideas – A Place For Intimacy

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When planning for a good dating experience I recommend places that allow for intimacy.For example a park or an interesting area (like the beach if you’re so lucky). ;-)You can talk about things but also find a place to sit down and have a more intimate time. I’m talking about being able to hold hands and hug each other.Having a place for your first kiss will also help make the relationship turn into something more.

#3 Good Date Ideas – A PlaceFor Something New

Korean women aren’t too familiar with your culture. If you can let her discover it through the date she’ll always remember it.For example if you’re from South America then why not take her to a salsa dancing club?If you’re from the States then why not take her to a line dancing or country bar? If you’re from Australia then why not take her to a Kangaroo farm? It doesn’t have to be an expensive place. Instead it’s great if it’s a place thatYou’re comfortable with – If you’re comfortable then chances are that so will she be. This makes her feel safe and lean on you more. That’s always good. ๐Ÿ˜‰She can discover something new Chances are that she doesn’t know much about your culture or you. Sharing this kind of place will make her want to know you more. Why?Because she’s having fun!She can link the emotions to you – The #1 problem with dinner and movies is that she links her good time to the food and movie characters. She’ll have fun but you won’t be a part of it.If you can take her to a novel place where you’re the guide she’ll link the fun times to you. That’s more powerful and helps your cause of turning the date into something more.

Got An Inspiring Date Idea?

If you have good date ideas please try them out and see how they work for you. ;-)In any case I wish you (and her) the best of times. Deep down your Korean date has been wishing for someone she could trust to introduce the world to her.Be that person.Good luck! ๐Ÿ˜‰