Could The Korean Police Stop You From Dating Korean Women?

“Could The Korean Police Stop You From Dating Korean Women?”

Would the Korean police stop you from meeting Korean women? Could they arrest you if you talked to too many beautiful Korean ladies on the street?What if it’s a female police officer?  Would she ‘read you your rights?’ Would you ask for a full cavity search? Okay let’s get serious. ;-)You see:  A friend/client of mine got stopped by a police officer as he was picking up Korean women on a popular Korean street.  The officer asked to see his identification and basically scare my friend. Was that legally allowed?  Would the police officer be in the right?  Well not exactly…

On The Korean Cops

korean police

Korea’s police force has lost a lot of authority and power of the past decades.This is because South Korea’s dictatorship gave the police TOO much power.They even had power over what people could wear!In the 80s it was common for Korean women to be stopped because their skirts were too low.Nowadays it looks like the police have been lazy on that front! ;-)In seriousness for foreigners the police don’t get too involved.They just want to keep things in relative ‘harmony’.For example on February 22nd 2012 the Korean cops used ‘Angry Birds’ to teach against school violence.How tough (or should I say ‘cute’) is that?So if the police aren’t TOO much of a threat then why did the police officer do that?In my opinion the officer was either jealous or felt his illusion of ‘Korean purity’ get threatened.All I can say that as long as you don’t do anything stupid (like start a fight or something) then WHO should you be careful of?

“Beware The Immigration Officers”

Immigration officers are more of a concern to you if you live in Korea.  They can get the police to put you in prison and then send you back to your country.  After collecting their fine of course.Apparently they also work under cover.  A Belarusian friend of mine got stopped and asked to show proper identification.  Thankfully she had the paperwork (always carry your ID.)So if you’re meeting Korean women and for some reason an immigration officer stops you then it can spell trouble.  He might stop you because meeting random Korean women is not familiar in South Korean culture. For more on what defines Korean culture click on the link.Granted I’ve personally never had any problems but then again I made sure that all the Korean women I talked to would be smiling or laughing.This made sure that if an undercover officer is watching then he would see that the women are having fun.

“So What Should You Do If The Police Stop You?”

If a Korean police officer stops you then I recommend listening to him (or her.)  Be sure to carry the proper identification.Just understand that there’s nothing (s)he can really do.  (S)he just wants to scare you maybe out of jealousy or spite.  In any case if you stay calm and responsive you’ll be fine.  You will get a story to tell back home! 😉