Could Kpop Help With Dating Korean Women?

Could Kpop Help WithDating Korean Women?

Could Kpop help with dating Korean women? Discover how Korean music transformed Korean ladies and why knowing some could help with meeting Korean women more easily.

Could Korean pop possibly help you with dating Korean women?Has Korean pop songs from Wondergirls or B2ST made Korean women more open to choose who they date?Discover how Korean hits has transformed Korea’s younger generation and why it will make chatting with Korean girls easier.At first you might not be sure about Korean pop music but I’m positive you’ll find some songs that you like.Once you do I must warn you: You might fall in love with Korea and her pop artists!

How Kpop RevolutionizedYounger Korean Women

Korean pop has given them the gift of choice. The Wondergirls’ song ‘Nobody But You’ told Korean women to date who they wanted to.This is a big shift from just ten or twenty years ago. Before that it was up to the parents to decide who their daughters should be with.Korean women are also becoming more racy and sexual. Brown Eyed Girls’ song ‘Abracadabra’ has two versions: the normal one and the edited one (It was edited because it was too racy for Korean TV.)Watch it here (this is the edited one!)

The BEST part is that Korean women’s fashion matches that of these singers. So if you live in Seoul you’re quite spoiled. ;-)Korean women look good and you can thank Korean pop for that.

How Knowing Some K-pop Can Help!

Most if not all Korean women have listened to Kpop. Some like it and some don’t. In any case they all have an emotionally charged opinion about it.So if you see a Korean woman and are talking with her you can always ask:”What do you think of Kpop?”or “Who is your favorite group?”You can then ask her to sing or dance. Be sure to give her a high five after her dancing. ;-)But what if she asks you which songs you like? It’s good to listen to a few. Below are some songs that are worth talking about.

K-pop Songs Worth Knowing

One of the better songs is “Itaewon Freedom” with J.Y. Park. You can listen to it below.

It’s a good song because ‘Itaewon’ is the foreigner area. It’s also a symbol. The Korean women who go to Itaewon are more “free” and away from their rigid society. If you’re like me and love the 80s then you’ll love it’s 80s style! ;-)Another good song to know is ‘Mamamia’ with Sunny Hill. You can watch it below.

You can then ask her what she thinks of the foreign guy that the singer kissed. ๐Ÿ˜‰

K-pop Rocks (Without Being Rock!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m a big Korean pop fan not so much because of the music.I love it because of what it represents.It has revolutionized Korean society and is giving the younger generation free choice.

Free choice is something I strongly believe in.

Gangnam-Style is more than the most popular Korean song ever! It’s a song expresses Koreans’ unhappiness with places like ‘Gangnam’. Why? Because it’s very superficial and many Koreans don’t want that.Haven’t heard it yet? Check out the sensation here!

If you want a Korean woman to freely choose you then I recommend checking out some Korea pop. For more on Korean culture and dating – click on the link!Have fun!

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