Can’t Get a Girlfriend From Korea? THE BIGGEST Mistake Guys Make!

Can’t Get a Girlfriend From Korea? Why Your Korean Girlfriend Isn’t Showing Up

Can’t get a girlfriend in Korea? Discover what’s holding you back and begin to enjoy a relationship with a Korean woman.

Did you arrive to Korea and just can’t get a girlfriend?

It’s not your fault.

In fact soon we’ll dispel what could be holding you back and why you’re feeling the way you do.

There are three main reasons why you might not be able to get a Korean girlfriend (and I would know because I had a hard time at first as well.)

They are simply:

  • the wrong mindset about Korea and women
  • not meeting enough Korean women
  • not knowing how to go from meeting to something more

Rest easy – soon you’ll discover what you’re doing wrong and will finally be able to find a beautiful Korean woman who’s grateful to be with you as well.

Why You Can’t Get a Girlfriend

A lot of what it takes to get a Korean girlfriend is in the mind. The only way to be happy with a Korean woman is to know where the faulty thinking is. Usually it’s about

  • Korean woman’s reputation
  • Korean and Korean women
  • Yourself

Sure your personality and opportunities matter. If you’re not mentally able to have a Korean girlfriend then opportunities won’t matter. Let’s bring you peace of mind first. Then we’ll focus on bringing you closer to a Korean woman! :)

The Dangerous ‘Korean

Woman Reputation’ Myth

Korean women have the reputation of being “easy” in the West. In fact many Westerners believe that if you have an Asian girlfriend it’s because you couldn’t date from your own country.

Worse! If you ask your Korean friends about how Korean women will like you they say “Oh, Korean women LOVE foreigners!”


These myths are all false and yet they hurt us men (and the Asian women too.) If anything it’s more difficult because Korean women misunderstand your intentions right from the beginning!

So you come to Korea with that you’ll be able to get a girlfriend more easily…only to realize that it’s just as (if not more) difficult!

In reality Korean women are women like anywhere else. It’s just a question of understanding Korean social dynamics and wielding them.

So…How’s Korea?

Are you angry about Korea and your situation? It’s good to be angry and understandable. Anger makes you take action as long as we’re in control.

Your troubles might be coming from being too angry or frustrated with Korea or your situation.

If that’s the case then no wonder you can’t get a girlfriend – Korean women can feel your anger towards them and their culture. Not only that but your frustrations do come out whether you’re aware of it or not.

You can know that your anger is hurting you if you catch yourself with a chip on your shoulder – and wanting to yell at random Koreans on the street.

I’ve been there and that’s your situation then I recommend taking a break from Korea first before trying to get a Korean girlfriend. In fact I recommend enjoying yourself in Korea a little. How about some paintball or a good movie with some friends?

Granted once you have a girlfriend from Korea it gets a lot easier. Your problems with Korea also start to disappear. It’s important to have the right mindset to get there though.

What’s Your Self-Attitude?

cant get a girlfriend? It's worth learning how.

Honestly – do you deserve to be happy with a girlfriend?

Would she be grateful to have you in her life?

Not even that but – do people talk to you?

Or do people avoid you? Do you avoid talking to people as well? Do you enjoy meeting people?

Can you meet people?

Twelve years ago I felt ashamed for even wanting to have a woman in my life.

No matter how bad any girl liked me – I wouldn’t do anything. I discovered what was holding me back once I read the e-book Without Embarrassment and it was ‘toxic shame’.

I also discovered what behavior I was doing that was keeping other women away from me. If you can’t get a girlfriend and think that it’s because of some inner-issues then I recommend clicking on the link to find out more.

More Reasons Why You Can’t Get a Girlfriend

There are other reasons why you might be unable to get a girlfriend in Korea.

You might also neither be

  • meeting enough Korean women that you like
  • unable to make something happen on the date

For the first part I recommend that you discover how to meet Korean women in an enjoyable way for you.

If you’d want to know more about how to talk to girls from Korea then I recommend clicking on the link.

Your future girlfriend (and yourself) will be glad you did! :)