Can You Face Love Shyness ‘Without Embarrassment’?

Is ‘Love Shyness’ For Life?

Is ‘love shyness’ something you’re stuck with for life?It doesn’t have to be.At least not according to Mike Pilinski, author of ‘Without Embarrassment’.I’ll confess that in my early twenties I suffered from a lot of fear of intimacy.When I was seeking help I found his e-book.Let me tell you my experience with it to discover if it’s for you.

Connect With The Author

What I really liked about his e-book is that I could connect with the information on each page.  It really felt like he was talking to me and addressing my intimacy fears. He looks like your average everyday guy and I can imagine the hardships he’s gone through to make sure we don’t.For us who fear intimacy it’s more than just about meeting and dating women.  It’s about facing that fear that holds us back from enjoying a relationship. 

In fact if you check out his ‘Without Embarrassment‘ homepage you’ll find his picture and story.

Discover What’s Holding You Back

He breaks down the origins of our shyness of love came and why we have it.  It turns out that our strict upbringing is more responsible for it than anything.  That being said it doesn’t mean that our parents or society meant to leave us feeling shy all the time.In some cases (like for me) we are very sensitive and took the ‘shame’ of wanting a relationship very deep within our psyche.  That was my personal challenge and I’m glad to be over it.

Get An Idea of How Women REALLY See You

Do you wonder how women perceive you?Being attractive to a woman is not about looks or money.  It’s about something more complex but once you get it…you’ll be among the few men who do.  You can then work on yourself to deal with your love shyness and enjoy relationships for a change.

The Drawbacks of ‘Without Embarrassment’?

What I would say is too bad is that it doesn’t seem like Mike updated the information since I bought it in 2004 or so for $25.The only update is that he made a ‘Kindle’ version.Granted I got the Kindle version a month ago for $10 and even though the information hasn’t been updated (or appeared to be) it was still just as useful.In fact it was a great refresher and a way to see how far I’ve transformed myself from a shy-struck boy to a high value man who can date confidently.

Want Out of It All?  Check Out The E-book!

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I whole-heartedly recommend reading this e-book and taking the path it will set you on.It will transform your life.I know that for me I wouldn’t have had such amazing relationships with Korean women if it weren’t for his advice and his compassion for me (even though it was via an e-book.)I really felt like he cared.

I know it will help rid you of your love shyness as it did for me.

I’m proud to be affiliated with his product as it has helped me personally over the years.