Body Language To Attract Women From Korea

Body Language To Attract Women

From Korea That Works!

Why body language to attract women from Korea works! Discover your advantages and how to use to attract Korean women.

Want to talk to her but don’t speak Korean? It’s all good!

You see, body language is

  • THE universal relationship language
  • how women evaluate your attractiveness
  • a great way to talk EVEN when you don’t speak Korean

Understand and apply body language to connect with Korean women and you can rely on it.

I would know because when I first got to Korea I didn’t speak Korean.

The only way I could communicate with Korean women is with my hands and facial expressions.

You know what?

It helped me bypass the language barrier and have amazing relationships in Seoul!

Use THE Universal Dating Language

Primate males use body language to attract the female of their species. Human beings do the same.

In fact you could have a conversation with someone without uttering a word! What’s more – human beings weren’t supposed to have a verbal language. Our voice was only made to utter sounds like roaring and laughing for survival.

So human beings are natural body language experts because we’ve been doing it for millions of years.

So what does that mean? You and her both speak ‘body language’ and she’ll understand you through it.

It’s much easier than learning Korean to communicate! ๐Ÿ˜‰

You Attract Korean Women With

Your Body Language Already

Believe it or not but you’re using body language to attract women or repel them. Are your shoulders hunched or pulled back? Is your back straight or are you slouching? Do you carry a frown or a smile?

Korean women don’t know your language. But they DO know your body language. It will either attract or repel them subconsciously.

Being aware and willing to use your body language to attract women will make sure you get to choose!

Imagine Korean women eyeing and secretly begging you to talk to them – without you uttering a word!

You can do it with your body language (and notice their attractiveness too!)

Use Body Language Is a Back-up

Let’s say you’re learning Korean or know just the basics. After all you want to impress her and like Korean culture. If you want more on what it takes to learn to speak Korean for dating then click on the link.

Anyway you talk in Korean and suddenly you want to say more but cant!

Do you panic and drop the conversation?

Not at all! Rely on your body language to continue the conversation. Use your face and back to show the emotions. Use your hands to show the actions.

Not only will she be more able to understand but you’re also indirectly telling her to use her body language as well!

She’ll also start sharing more intriguing parts of herself with her body language.

This makes for a more enjoyable interaction for the both of you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let’s Get Started!

How can you improve your body language to attract women?

How can you become more articulate and dynamic?

I recommend either going to an improv comedy course or simply watching

improv comedy on youtube.

If you’re in Seoul I recommend joining Seoul Comedy Improv and giving it a try.

They meet regularly and it’s free (last time I checked.) It works wonders on your ability to express yourself with your body.

Amazing Body Language To Attract Women!

body language to attract wome

Once you are confident with your body language to attract Korean women – you’ll be able to do it anywhere!

When you go overseas and can use basic body language you’ll be able to save yourself from the language-barrier frustrations.

She’ll also use her body language to communicate with you. This is when it can get fun.

You’re communicating the same way you both were when you were kids! She’ll love it.

Again all of this is possible because you’ve demonstrated attractive traits with your body.

Have fun! ๐Ÿ˜‰