Best Place to Meet Women In Korea!

What’s The Best Place ToMeet Women In Korea? The Coffee Shop!

The best place to meet women in Korea is the busiest coffee shop you can find. Discover why meeting Korean girls there will help you find your ideal Korean woman!

“Why do you think the coffee shop is the best place to meet women in Korea?”

There are many reasons why I recommend going to the busiest coffee shop in town.

Let me just say that you both benefit whether you want to meet a woman from online dating, your social circle or from the coffee shop!

The coffee shop is:

  • safe and sound
  • busy with Korean girls

Safe and Sound

Whether you’re meeting her offline for the first time or she’s someone from your social circle that you want to know better, she’ll feel safe enough meeting you in a coffee shop.

They are filled with other “normal” people that can see her should anything happen and she ‘s familiar with it (she probably goes to coffee shops with friends or alone.)

An extra benefit is that if you’re a foreigner you won’t be getting too many stares from those around you for talking to a Korean woman.

Or if you’re approaching and interacting with a Korean woman there for the first time you can rest easy: You usually don’t get interruptions from the other coffee-shop patrons.

This is very different than trying to meet Korean ladies elsewhere in Korea. :/

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Bustling With Korean Ladies

best place to meet wome

Do you like conservative women?

Or how about Korean women who are into foreign culture?

Whatever your type is, you can find her in the coffee shop.

Its diversity is what makes it best place to meet women in Korea.

It’s like a watering trough where all Korean women come to drink from. There is no other place like it!

You can even find club girls and dancers who are enjoying a coffee and a pleasant conversation. Who knows? You might join their conversation too!

Pre-selected Korean Women

In my experience when a Korean woman (or women in general) are looking to meet a man they head to one of the busier coffee shops.

You can spot them by themselves with a boring book or listening to music. They are dying for someone to talk to them!

This is where you can meet Korean women who want to meet you!

“What if I’m too nervous to talk to a Korean woman? And let’s say I start a conversation – what do I do after that?”

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Is This REALLY The Best PlaceTo Meet Women In Korea?

“How about meeting them in clubs? Or through friends? Are coffee shops really the best places to meet women from Korea?”

Yes and no. Sure it’s easier to meet Korean women there. You won’t have to deal with Korean society judging her or her neighboring Koreans passing an evil eye or interrupting you.

On the other hand you can find more people in clubs or bars.

That being said I personally enjoy coffee shops and its relaxed atmosphere.

In any case – Try it out and have fun!

Gangnam’s ‘Coffee Bean’

The most amazing coffee shop to meet Korean women at is in Gangnam.

The Korean women who go there are gorgeous, there’s a good turnaround in traffic AND the venue is chill and friendly.

Below is a video of Gangnam and you’ll discover what the coffee shop looks like near the end (sorry for the shaky hands!)

How Do I Get Started?

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