Basic Body Language Signs That Your Korean Date is Attracted!

Basic Body Language Signs Your Korean Date Shows Attraction With!

Discover basic body language signs Korean women use to show attraction.

Finally! Basic body language signals that Korean women use to show attraction REVEALED!

A woman from your country might tell you she likes you. At the least she’ll verbally hint that she enjoys being with you.

This is not the case with most Korean women you meet.

This is because the social dynamics between Korean men and women are more conservative.

In Korea it’s the man who does all the attracting and leading.But how to Korean guys read a Korean woman’s body language to see if she’s attracted?

Here are three basic signs of body language that will let you know she’s attracted. They come from years of observing and interacting with Korean women. I also have Korean friends with whom we discussed this.

Yes – I’m that nerdy when it comes to social interactions.

Now you can enjoy the fruits of my labor. 😉

Sign #1

She Does The ‘Cute Face’

It’s common for Korean women to give a ‘cute face’ when they want a guy to like them. What is a ‘cute face’?

It’s when she let’s herself look like an innocent but attracted little girl.

She might

  • make her eyes bigger
  • smile slightly
  • look at you as if she’s completely interested
  • re-arrange her hair
  • smile

In other words whenever she begins to look like a little girl with her body language – chances are she’s attracted and wants you to be as well.

Most Korean guys like the ‘innocent little girl’ look so that’s why Korean women display that flirting body language. Not only that but Korean society indirectly wants their women to look and be as ‘innocent’ as possible.


Laughs and Touches You

When a woman laughs at what you say and touches you then she’s attracted. What’s important is that she laughs and touches you at the same time. If she does that then it’s genuine.

If there’s any delay in the touching your arm or shoulder then chances are it’s manipulative.If she touches you at any other time (like to get your attention before she says something) then chances are she’s just a very social person. In this case I wouldn’t trust her touching me as a sign that she’s particularly attracted to me.

Thankfully most Korean women aren’t as social with newly-met people as Westerners are. This is because culturally Korean girls aren’t supposed to talk to people they don’t know.

Which is why this last indicator is obvious but powerful!

Sign #3

She’s Sticking Around!

If a Korean woman doesn’t want to talk to you she’ll just walk away. I guarantee that. She’ll be quiet and do a small bow (if she’s feeling like being polite.) After that she’s gone!

So if you’re talking with a Korean woman and she’s sticking around then that’s because she’s interested in you!

Even if you just met her and she’s ignoring you after a bit. If she’s still staying in near you then chances are she wants you to talk to her.

It’s just a question of how to get that conversation going. For exclusive tips on meeting Korean women and starting that conversation then click on the link. You’ll get two exclusive gifts that will make dating a Korean woman easier.

Other Important Body Language Signals

It’s important to know other signs of body language for when she’s NOT interested in talking to you. For some common negative body language signals that a Korean woman can display I recommend clicking on the link.

Have fun! 😉