Asian Guys Dating White Girls Possible?

Is Asian Guys Dating White Girls Possible?

Asian guys dating white girls – Discover why dating Korean guys is a challenge and make your dating life easier for yourself.

So what is it in Korea about Asian guys dating white girls?

Or rather why isn’t it as common as Asian girls dating white guys?

Is just a racial thing? Or are guys from Korea not interested in dating Westerners?

Not at all.

The problem is threefold:

  • Korean guys’ opinion of Western women
  • Korea’s controversial culture
  • White women’s opinion of Asian men

Realize for yourself what could propel you towards a relationship with a Korean guy.

Western women’s Misconceptions

Most Western women come across as intimidating. Korean guys find Western women more ‘manly’ even when they don’t mean to. This could be because Western women are more in tune and accepting of their personal desires than women in Korea.

There’s also the language barrier. Talking to a woman is scary enough. Talking to a woman in another language is more scary!

What about the cultural differences? Korean guys don’t know how to proceed with respect to dating Western women. Many Korean men also (let’s be honest here) have an inferiority complex towards white men. So they feel like they can’t bring anything to the table. Why would you like them?

Why Korean Culture Won’t Allow It

Korean society has one goal – to keep Koreans as “pure blooded” as possible. Even today when we’ve gone into the 21st Century Korean society doesn’t want Korean interracial dating anytime soon.

A big reason why Korean guys don’t date white girls is that they know the family wouldn’t approve. In general Korean families want their sons to marry Korean women.

This is because in Korea you date for marriage. Korea’s model of marriage is based on family alliances and status. This is different from the Western marriage model based on ‘love’.

So even if a Korean man likes you he might not want to date you seriously. He has to fulfill his family’s wishes first and foremost.

Asian Guys Dating White Girls…Why You Hold Back

Granted after saying all this it’s still possible to date Korean guys.

Sadly some of these old myths might hold you back:

Korean guys want subservient women. This isn’t true. These days Korean guys are more open to equality. Your culture also influences Korean men who’ve traveled.

Guys from Korea aren’t good in bed. There are some who are good in bed and some who aren’t. One thing is for sure: Most Korean men aren’t used to women who know what they want in bed. Koreans are still going through their ‘sexual revolution’.

Guys from Korea aren’t manly. In general these guys aren’t manly the way Western guys are. They won’t pound a bottle of bear before high fiving their buddy. On the other hand they are more manly in other ways.

For example they aren’t as afraid to share their feelings or do things that Western men would consider ‘gay’. That in itself is brave and is something that many Asian guys dating white girls have to offer.

How To Date Guys From Korea Now?


If you want to date a guy from Korea then understand his point of view. If you’re serious about dating a Korean guy then I follow these dating tips for women.

Boost your chances at having a handsome Asian guy who is grateful for being with you too.

Dating a white woman is a fantasy for a lot of Korean men. If you play your cards right you can land yourself an attractive Asian man. 😉

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