All On Intimate Touching When Meeting Korean Women

Discover ‘Intimate Touching’ When Meeting and Dating Korean Women!

Why the power of intimate touching boosts your chances with going from meeting to dating a Korean woman.

Touch her intimately and amaze yourself at how quickly you can go further with women (or in this case ‘Korean women’). ;-)When you know how to touch a woman intimately right away she’ll get turned on faster.She’ll more likely feel comfortable with you when you make a pass. You also boost your chances of her following you to the bedroom.But before it’s vital to understand • the need for intimate touch • when to start touching intimately • how to go from basic to extremely intimate touching • what to do if she doesn’t like it (at first)Soon you’ll discover the keys to making sensual touching work in your seductions.

Why is Intimate Touch Important

Human beings need more than just water and food. We also need human companionship. The thing is we don’t just socialize by talking and making facial expressions.We also use our body. Touching human beings and being touched is vital to our survival as people. In fact the only reason why we’re alive is because our mothers took great care to hold and touch us daily. Babies that don’t get any intimate touching die.Touching is THAT important.

Begin Sensually TouchingA Korean Woman…

intimate touching

…as soon as possible.

In fact I usually start conversations with women by touching them.No I don’t touch below their waist with a creepy look on my face. ;-)More below on how to start touching her so that she feels comfortable!The reason for touching them right away is that it sets up the frame that you’re a touchy-feely person.If you sensually touch her the right way she’ll know instantly that you’re a physical man.This will make seducing her to the bedroom more predictable and enjoyable.After all who doesn’t like to be touched the right way? 😉

Intimate Touching The Right Way!

I recommend starting in this order: level 1 – upper arm level 2 – upper back, shoulders level 3 – lower back, lower arm, level 4 – hand, outer thigh, head, leg, inner stomach, level 5 – lips, inner thigh level 6 – the rest ;-)When you start with touching the upper arm I recommend using the back of your hand and tapping her to get her attention.When you touch her be sure that at first it’s for short periods of time (1 second tops). As she gets comfortable you can leave your hand there longer and escalate the touching.

What If She Won’t Like Me Touching Her?

There can be many reasons for that.For more on what could be holding her back I recommend checking these ‘how to touch a girl‘ Troubleshooting checklist. Discover how to make it work by clicking on the link.

Problems With Touching Intimately?

When you’re touching a human being you want to put as much as into your touch as you would if it were a pet dog or cat.Who doesn’t like petting an animal? Do you feel desperation or lust? Not at all (unless you’re into bestiality which is fair enough.) ;-)Instead there’s caring and affection in your touch. If you can intimately touch the woman you’re seducing that way she will love you for it. It feels good and when she trusts you enough she’ll let you continue in more intimate areas…Have fun! 😉