About Dan Bloom and KoreaDatingTips

About Dan Bloom and KoreaDatingTips

Read about KoreaDatingTips.com, who the webmaster is and why he created it.

Hi there!

I’m Dan Bloom.

Thank you for taking that step towards understanding Korean women better.

They are gorgeous and being the man who can make them happy is worth it.

What you’ll learn from Korea-Dating-Tips.com will help you understand Korean culture and Korean women.

You’ll skip the learning curve(s) that I had to endure for 5 years.

You’ll be able to spend your time in Korea (or overseas) with a beautiful Korean woman by your side.

With how she dresses and looks who wouldn’t want to know one?

Why I Created KoreaDatingTips.com

I’ve lived in Korea for 5 years before moving on to other parts of Asia.

I’m also the creator of AsiaDatingTips.com where you can learn about dating Asian women.

I’ve met hundreds if not thousands of people there and have learned about Korean culture and language.

I’ve learned the hard way that Korea (or the ‘hermit kingdom’) has an anti-foreigner attitude when it comes to anything serious.

By that I mean business and of course intimate relationships.

A few years ago I created a forum to help men just like you and the Korean media attacked it.

To the demise of hundreds of men (and women) who wanted to learn about the Korean dating culture, I had to shut it down.

This hurt me because I’ve meet many wonderful men and women (both foreign and Korean) who wanted an intercultural relationship.

Sadly Korean culture makes that difficult.

Not only that but most foreign men don’t have a clue as to what most Korean women want in a man.  Even if they do most of them aren’t sure of how to communicate their attractiveness.

I want to help.

After years as a dating coach for foreign and Korean men I’ve decided to share what I’ve learned and noticed about the happy relationships here.

Warning! I’m Not Holding Back!

Some of what I share may come across as chauvinistic, politically incorrect or even downright offensive.

Some things you’ll learn about Korea will shock you.

In fact you might not even believe it at first (I know I didn’t! )

I’m only sharing my experiences and opinions on what dating a Korean woman is like so that you may learn from my cultural (and human) mistakes.

Even though many consider me to be an expert in Korean-Western dating and relationships, I am also a student.

I am always learning and if you would like to share your experiences please do so.

Why KoreaDatingTips Is Different

Most information you find about dating Korean women is limited to an article at most.

Not only that but it mainly focuses on online dating.

I want to give you

  • practical tips
  • proven methods
  • stories from those who’ve ‘been-there-done-that’
  • an understanding of that mystery called ‘Korean culture’
  • and more…

Why You Should Learn From Me

In my earlier years I didn’t have a clue about relationships or dating.

I didn’t have my first proper girlfriend until 21 years of age (and boy did I try!)

I had to learn from scratch what many men took for granted.  So I can relate to your situation as I’ve probably been there as well.

I’ve also lived in various cultures including

  • European (French, Italian, Spanish)
  • Arabic (Algerian, UAE)
  • American (U.S.)
  • and of course Korean.

So you’ll get the advice from someone who can objectively look at various cultures and compare it to your own.

That way you can get a better understanding of what the differences are and make dating a Korean woman more easier.

I’ve also learned from famous dating coaches such as

  • Wayne Elise from Charismaarts.com
  • Richard Gambler from PUAtraining.com
  • RedpoleQ from Pickupasia.comand

many more through social meetups and connections.

So do yourself a favor and learn from someone who’s experienced enough to give you quality advice.

If you have any comments or tips please feel free to post below!

Happy reading!


Do You Have A Question Or Comment?

Do you have something to ask or say?Just leave a comment at the bottom of this page!

If you have a question or comment please give me more information on it so that I may answer it more accurately.

For example, instead of simply asking “where can I meet Korean women in Africa?” I recommend explaining where you are in Africa and your lifestyle situation.

Or instead of just saying “I found this site useful” I recommend also explaining what it was you found useful, like the conversation tips or the Korean culture advice.

Again it will make it easier for me to help/reply to you.

Thank you!


  • Well Dan that was a bold move i am also in the Asian market and to be honest dating in Asia is quite different from the west especially in terms of customs here is a link to my site. http//:datingtips.asia Nice observation am sorry you had to shut down your forum.