7 Best Places To Kiss Her Body Checklist Inside!

7 Best Places To Kiss AKorean Woman’s Body!

Discover the 7 best places to kiss a Korean woman’s body and be the first to turn her on…

Get ready to have your ‘best kissing spots’ checklist… she’ll be glad you did. 😉

In fact her experience might be limited to try-hards and guys who ‘just couldn’t do it’.

Become THE MAN who can give her those emotions and you’ll be her sole dealer! 😉

That’s when things get interesting. She’ll cherish you forever and long for you in the middle of the night.

So kiss her right and get ready for those midnight texts from her saying that she wants you NOW. Discover the top 7 places to put your lips below…

Best Places To Kiss #7 – Her Lips

Kissing her lips is symbolic and sensual. Her lips and mouth are among the most erogenous parts of her body.

We give kissing her lips the 7th spot because it’s very predictable and if you don’t know how to kiss you can hurt your chances for more intimacy.

Best Places To Kiss #6 – Her Earlobe

Kissing her earlobes is a great way to turn her on. The earlobes are very sensitive. Being able to kiss her earlobes will also let her know how good a kisser you’ll be below her thighs.

The issue with earlobes is that many women have overly sensitive earlobes. You can kiss them there and they’ll jump back because it’s ‘ticklish’. So the earlobe has the 6th spot because kissing there can backfire on you.

Best Places To Kiss #5 – Her Arm

Kissing her arms is unexpected and sexual. A Korean woman (or any woman)’s body is a giant erogenous zone. 😉

Kissing her arms turns her on…especially if you kiss near the arm pits and the elbows. Rest easy – Korean women shave their arm pits.

Kissing her lower arm and hand are great too.

Best Places to Kiss #4 – Her Outer Thighs

The outer thighs also have a lot of nerve endings. It’s closer to her pubic region so kissing her there builds up sensual tension.I’ve found good responses to kissing the sides of her thighs. You can even nibble on them a little bit. It’s very powerful.

The Third Best Place To Kiss – Her Neck

The neck is among the best places to kiss a woman. It’s a very erotic area and if done right can turn her on quickly.

For more on how to give an intense neck kiss and why it’s a great tool to have then click on the link.

The 2nd Best Places For Kissing -Anywhere That Makes Her Say “Oh…”


The best thing you can do when you’re kissing a woman in your bed is to kiss at unexpected places.

You can also up the ante by kissing her randomly. Sooner or later you’ll be kissing places where her body will tense up rapidly and then relax.

If you stay long enough she’ll even moan.Remember them: these places are among the best for kissing her.

But they’re not the #1 place! 😉

The #1 Place To Kiss a Woman

The best place for kissing a woman is her clitoris. You can know where to find it by using this educational site. Click on the link and look at the 3D images.

The clitoris is THE most erogenous zone on a woman’s body. Some experts claim that it’s the tip of a giant sex organ.

If you want your woman to get addicted to your kissing then kiss her clitoris properly. Just make sure she says ‘thank you’! 😉

Kiss Her The Right Way!

If she really means something to you then why not give her the sensual time of her life?

Do what it takes to get good at kissing and she’ll love you for it! In fact I recommend starting with how to French kiss. Click on the link for more.