5 Problems of Interracial Dating With Korean Women To Avoid

5 Problems of Interracial Dating With Korean Women

In a relationship with a Korean woman and are problems of interracial dating getting you worried?

Maybe you’ve already experienced some tension that you know you wouldn’t have experienced with a woman from the same country.

Rest easy – once you’re aware of these 5 potential pitfalls you can avoid them with ease and date her with confidence!

Problems of Interracial Dating #1 – Your Misconceptions

So you’ve read about how Asian women are more feminine and passive. You’ve heard about how they’ll respect you as the man and that they don’t really argue.

Maybe you’ve also read that they’re ‘easy’.

A Korean woman has read about how Western men are more gentle and show more affection.

On the other hand she’s also read that Western men don’t care for family the way she does.

She’s also read about how most Western men have multiple girlfriends and think that Korean women are easy.

When you both date you take your misconceptions with you. She’ll think that you’re making advances because you think she’s easy. You’ll think that her quietness means that everything’s okay.

It’s easy for potential amazing interracial relationships to crumble because of these misperceptions.

She’ll resist getting more intimate (even though she wants to) and you’ll not address and ‘obvious’ issue to her because she’s not talking (whereas a Korean man would have.)

Problems of Interracial Dating #2 – Your Value Differences

You plan a date with her and she cancels because her mother has a ‘tooth ache’. You tell her that you feel disappointed that she didn’t want to see you.

You figure that if she really liked you she’d put her own desires before her family’s and see you. She figured that if you cared about her you’d understand how her family’s needs come first.

You want to hold hands in public to display your affection for each other. She doesn’t want to so that she doesn’t stick out. You want to ‘pay dutch’ but she expects the man to pay.

Value differences about ‘individuality’, ‘society’ and ‘family’ can cause interracial dating problems. Unless you’re pro-active at understanding and accepting these differences your chances of an interracial relationship with a Korean woman are slim.

Problems of Interracial Dating #3 – Your Communication Differences

The two main ways to miscommunicate is through spoken and body language.

Sure the issue of not speaking the same language is a major difficulty but there’s more. Even when/if you speak the same language a different meaning of the words can cause problems.

For example when she’s feeling sad you tell her “I’m sorry that you feel this way.” She might assume that you’re sorry because it’s your fault!

Or if you’re speaking Korean and you speak with the honorific tone even though you’ve been dating for a while. She might think that you don’t feel that close to her. Make sure you don’t speak ‘honorific Korean’ in bed! 😉

Bodylanguage also can lead to interracial dating problems. You want to feel comfortable so you spread your arms and legs when you sit down. For her it will make you look over-confident and even arrogant.

When you’re arguing she’ll look like a little pouting girl. She’ll whine and to you it will come across as ‘immature’. In her mind that’s the sign she gives Korean guys to get their attention and consolation as a bargaining tool.

So language is a potential area for interracial dating problems that are worth being aware of.

Problems of Interracial Dating #4 – Your Expectations

This is one of the biggest problems – you’re both so used to dating people with your values and communication patterns that you never thought that anyone would be different!

In reality the differences are so radical that your expectations will dissolve instantly.

Will you be able to handle it? If you want to date interracially I recommend asking yourself that question seriously.

Problems of Interracial Dating #5 – Your Current Lack of Experience

The lack of experience will also create frustration in your relationship.

It’s one thing to read about what it’s like having an international relationship. Until you’ve personally experienced the joys and pains that it brings you’ll never really know what to expect.

With that in mind I recommend accepting the learning curve that comes with your relationship.

If you want to carry a notebook or join forums to share your experiences you can. There are plenty of people who can share their experience which is the next best thing.

Conclusion to Problems of Interracial Dating

All in all being in an interracial relationship is challenging. It’s already tough with a man trying to understand a woman and vice versa.

Just understand that the differences between you and her are more than skin deep. She will do things you’ll genuinely appreciate. She’ll also frustrate you in ways you’ve never known.

If you plan ahead, are proactive and keep an open-mind you’ll do fine.

In any case I wish you the best!