5 Korean Ladies You MUST Know!

Attention! 5 Korean Ladies You Will Meet

Fancy Korean ladies?

Korean women are among the prettiest in the world but what about their personalities?

Wonder if they’re they all the same?

In this case can you evaluate a book based on its cover?

In my years in Korea my friends and I have agreed that there are 5 types of Korean women to choose from.

Although stereotyping may not be politically correct it has its uses…even for women who are reputed for giving themselves the same “beautiful” plastic surgery face. ><  In fact you can get an idea of how similar these beautiful Korean models can get.  When it comes to choosing your ideal relationship partner it’s very useful!

Save yourself from the agony of being with the wrong type and spend more time with the one(s) you do like! 😉

They are:

  • The princess
  • The traditional
  • The conservative
  • The foreign-lover
  • The rebel

NOTE: These are just stereotypes to simplify our lives. Most women from Korea you meet are a combination of these arch-types.

The Princess


Looks gorgeous, has probably had some plastic surgery done and values her looks and the status they give her. She’s used to guys ogling over her and loves it (hence the ‘princess’.)

She doesn’t care much about foreign culture and will probably spend her whole life in Korea and with her social circle.  At her extreme, the Princess is probably the Korean version of the American “snotty bimbo” and focuses all her energy on her only form of leverage – her looks.

The Traditional


Traditional Korean girls are looking for their ideal husbands. They are the most likely to keep their virginity until marriage and not stray from their family or church.The Traditional enjoys foreign culture and foreign foods but that’s it.

She might consider being with a foreigner but only if it’s serious and leading towards marriage.

She dresses conservatively and you can sometimes spot her reading a pocket-book version of the ‘Bible’.

At her extreme, the Traditional is kind and polite but quick to judge and must get married (before reaching that big 30!) or her world will shatter!

The Conservative

She’s what I would call a ‘typical’ Korean woman. She holds strong Korean values (family over individuality, conformity over rebelling, etc…) and does what society expects of her.

She is curious about foreign culture but it’s usually just a curiosity. She’s had foreign foods but never a foreign boyfriend (believes all the negative stigmas.) Granted she would be willing to try!

At her extreme the Conservative is what you would expect most Korean women to be like. She might speak English (from school) but prefers talking in Korean.

The Foreign-Lover

The Foreign Lover loves (or is at least curious) about foreign culture and lifestyle. Foreign culture was ‘love at first sight’ for her and she prefers it over her own.

On the outside she looks like a traditional (or a princess) but deep down she holds Western values and ideas.

She loves watching Western shows and feels more comfortable with her foreign friends than with her Korean ones. Needless to say she also prefers dating foreign men as well.

At her extreme, the Foreign Lover is a Westerner stuck in a Korean body. She feels more at home when surrounded by foreign culture.

The Rebel

korean ladies

These Korean ladies don’t fit in Korea’s homogeneous culture. They don’t hold the values that Korean’s are supposed to have. This goes from what they do to how they dress.

The rebels change their hair color, have tattoos or simply have a different vibe.

They like foreign culture because it’s more accepting of differences than the Korean counterpart.

They date foreigners and Koreans but are less likely to care what others think.

At her extreme she has a see-able tattoo, a funky hairstyle and can come across as aggressive (having to defend her identity since she was born).

Choose From The 5Arch-Types of Korean Ladies!

Knowing these arch-types can help you discover what’s your type of Korean lady. If you’re a church-going man who’s looking for a wife then I recommend looking for “Traditionals.” If you just want to have fun then either Foreign Lovers or Princesses would suit you. Again these are just generalizations and no I don’t consider myself superior to Korean women. I am stereotyping to make our lives easier.  Again most Korean ladies are a combination of these categories. The best thing that could happen is dating one type who happens to be what you enjoy and are compatible with!

Meet beautiful Korean women to find your unique lady – worth it? 😉