5 Hot Korean Babes Dating Tips

Date Hot Korean BabesWith These 5 Practical Tips

Meeting and dating hot Korean babes is fun! You’ll love how exotic and enjoyable Korean women can be. You just might find one that’s worth spending your life with. Soon you’ll discover what you can do to make it happen.Once you know what to do you’ll have a solid chance at going on dates with beautiful Korean women.I’ve been doing it for four years and loved it! I’m sure you will too.These 5 dating tips will get you started on the right path: • meet her conveniently • know what to say to get that spark • discover the logistics • make the date genuine • have funThese 5 korean babe dating tips will get you on track to bringing that gorgeous Korean woman into your life. I would know – they did it for me.

“How Can I Meet Korean Babes Conveniently?”

Meeting hot Korean babes is the logical first step to dating Korean women. The best places to meet her are either • online • through a social circle • through approaching her If you’d prefer to do your Korean dating online then click on the link for more. If you would rather make Korean friends and meet them through social circles then I recommend joining Asian clubs. You can find a lot of Koreans who would like to be friends with you.You could also join a language class (or volunteer to teach your language at one) and meet a lot of hot Korean babes that way.If you’d like to get straight to meeting Korean women then I recommend going to places where Korean women hang out. In any case the first step I recommend is to meet them conveniently and regularly.

“How Can I Create That Magic Spark?”

Once you’ve started talking to her it’s important to get make her feel something towards you.The funnest and easiest emotion to make a Korean woman feel is joy through laughter. This is because Korean women are quick to laugh and enjoy one-liners and gags.If you’d like to know what to say to get her laughing the right way I recommend claiming my exclusive e-book on meeting Korean women. You can get your copy by joining our Meet Korean Women’ newsletter. Simply click on the link for more.You’ll also receive a SHOCKING 1 hour interview that will enlighten you on Korean dating culture for non-Koreans. Making her feel something for you through conversations is a worthwhile skill. You’ll have more successful dates with hot Korean babes because most guys don’t know what to say! This makes you stand out in her mind and she’ll enjoy thinking of you. She might even say so!

“How Close Does She Live From Me?”

Meeting a hot Korean woman is the easy part.Turning it into something more is the challenge! Logistics play a big role at transforming your platonic relationship into a romantic one.Questions I recommend asking her are:Where do you live? Knowing how far you are from each other will help you both decide if the potential relationship is worth pursuing. I recommend asking her and giving some places as examples to appear normal (and not a stalker.)For example instead of just asking “Where do you live?” I recommend asking “Where do you live? In Seoul? In Incheon? In Busan?”What do you do? Discovering her occupation will let you know how but she is. Knowing when she works and what her day-to-day schedule is like will help you set up a date.Don’t ask about the boyfriend! I don’t recommend asking if she has a boyfriend. She’ll let you know that she has one when it’s appropriate. Asking her might make her feel guilty about talking to you even though she wants to break up.

“What Would Make a Fun Date For Her?”

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When you’re planning a date with hot Korean babes the best thing you can do is • make it genuine • make it original • make it ‘normal’When you’re just meeting someone for the first date it’s important to show your genuine self.It also means taking her to a place you genuinely like. Is there a sports bar you like?Take her there rather than some fancy restaurant you’ve never been to or couldn’t care less about.She’ll like the bar because it’s original. She’s probably never been to one before (Koreans don’t usually go to sports bars.) You can also play darts which is a novelty for her.<b>When you’re setting up a date</b> I recommend going somewhere that YOU enjoy going to. I don’t recommend trying to impress her with a fancy restaurant. Chances are she won’t be and you’ll be angry at yourself for spending the money.Keep things light and playful. I recommend treating her as you would your little sister or niece. Make sure you’re keep her off the princess pedestal. Don’t let her intimidate you with her looks (although that can be hard.) Ironically she’ll like you more in the process.For more on how to humor to attract women I recommend clicking on the link.

Have Fun With It!

Whatever happens have fun! When you’re meeting hot Korean babes either online or offline make sure you’re enjoying the process.It will make things work out and you’ll both appreciate each other more. It also builds the magic of dating again which is always a pleasure! Remember to get your copy of my ‘Date Korean Women‘ e-book to boost your chances at dating now!Enjoy the process and the women too! They’ll sure enjoy your company more than you can imagine.