3 Subtle Polygamy Dating Tips For Dating Multiple Korean Women Successfully.

3 Polygamy Dating Tips For DatingMultiple Korean Women Smoothly

Want to have a polygamy dating lifestyle?

Many women around the world are ‘okay’ with polyamory.

I’ve had multiple lovers for years and live a polyamorous lifestyle.

You can too.

The KEY to make it work is to subtly let her know that you’re seeing many women at the same time.

How do you do that?

It starts with indirectly showing that you’re a polyamorist.

If you can let her know during the date and as you get more intimate then you’ll be okay.

Here’s how!

Subtly Let Her Know During The Date

When you’re on a date it’s good to show that you’re a polyamorist. For more on how to be a successful one I recommend clicking on the link.

Eventually if she’s attracted to you she’ll “casually” ask you if you have a girlfriend.

This is your chance to subtly let her know about your polygamy dating.

You casually answer:“I have 6 girlfriends but am looking for number 7!”😉

You can then ‘casually ask her’ how many boyfriends she has. I recommend following it up with “It’s okay it’ll be our secret.”

This does 2 things:

#1 – it shows that in your mind polyamory is a lifestyle that you figure everybody wants.

#2 – that you’re willing and able to keep secrets with her. This will keep you in ‘secret society’ and open many sensual doors for you.

polygamy dating Korean women

You also let her know during the date by showing how good with women you are.

‘Being good with women’ is the #1 way to show that you’re at least capable of multiple dating.

In her mind you’ll be a guy who naturally attracts multiple women.

This will subtly let her know that you might be dating multiple women already.

In any case if you are good with women she won’t be surprised if you are.

It’s the same way with attractive women. We assume that they have plenty of options already.

The next place you can send her polygamous messages is your home.

Set Your Place Up For Polygamy Dating

I recommend having additional toothbrushes in your house. This gives the impression that many women sleep over.

Having things that women like such as a hairdryer and brushes also shows that you’re used to having female company.

She’ll pick up that you have experience and maybe other partners too.

If she ‘casually asks’ about the toothbrushes just say “I don’t know. I just have extra tooth brushes” and deflect it. You’re subtly letting her know that you have multiple lovers. You also protect their identity and reputation (which is what she’s really after if she chooses to be with you.)

But multiple dating isn’t just about what you DO show. It’s also about what you hide.

Protect Yourself When Polygamy Dating

A woman’s #1 concern isn’t so much that you have multiple lovers. Her concern is that you’re sloppy about bringing them into your and herworld.

You can help prevent that by:

Password protect your phone – Make sure that she can’t see your messaging with other girls. I also recommend not corresponding with your other women when she’s around.

This is out of respect for her and to let her know that your time with her is for just you and her.

This also lets her know that you have a private life that you DON’T want her to know about. This makes her respect you more and naturally curious (i.e. attracted to you.)

Cleaning up after yourself – This is important! If you want to succeed at polygamy dating it’s important to keep your place clean. Even if your girl knows you’re seeing other women she doesn’t want ANY evidence.

When she gets angry at seeing another woman’s strand of hair it’s not because of the hair so much. It’s because you weren’t able to keep your place clean for her to feel like she’s special in your life.

note: if you DO get caught tell her it’s the maid’s hair. 😉

So I recommend keeping your place clean. Personally I take at least thirty minutes before each date to clean my place. I schedule it as part of the date to make sure I have the time.

She’ll appreciate it.

Does Polyamory Dating Work?

Yes it does. A lot of women would actually prefer to be one of many for an amazing man. Being “the only one” for a boring man in this day and age is no longer the only dating choice.

So if you want to date multiple Korean women then you can. Just make sure you’re responsible with their feelings and concerns.

For more on the benefits of having multiple lovers click on the link.

Have fun!