3 Sexual Talk Tips That Seduce Korean Women

3 Sexual Talk Tips ToSeduce Korean Women

Using sexual talk when you’re seducing a woman is very powerful.It does more than turn you both on. It gets her to link those sensual feelings to you. She’ll begin to see you as a sexual man which is good news. You also get to find women who want to hook up now.If you talk sexually then she’ll feel like you’re comfortable with your sexuality.This is what a woman wants from a guy she’s attracted to.That way she can express her sexuality as well!So here are 3 tips that will help you seduce her in a way that she wants to be seduced.

Sexual Talk Tip #1 – Send Mixed Messages

When you’re talking to to her you can embed sexual messages into your normal speech. You can do it jokingly or covertly. Personally I enjoy doing it jokingly so that we get a laugh but the message is still weaved.Here’s an example if you’re talking about beaches.You can tell her that she’d feel good at the beach and get all wet because she’ll feel so hot. If you do it nonchalantly she’ll hear two messages which is a bit too sneaky for me.That’s why I’d prefer to use it as a joke. I would follow it up with “but we like it when we’re wet don’t we?” ;-)If she laughs then she got the sexual reference. It will turn her on and make her see you as funny too!

Sexual Talk Tip #2 – Use Games or Jokes

You can use sex talk in games or jokes. For example you can play a game called “Strawberry Fields.” You ask her if she likes strawberries. Then ask her if she could eat more strawberries at a field how many would she eat? Finally ask her that if she saw the farmer what would she tell him?In this game strawberries represents ‘sex’ and the farmer represents the guy she has sex with. If she asks you about it you can tell her that it’s a Japanese game that you accidentally found on the internet (which is all true.)Or you can tell racy jokes. A classic is when you see her you can say “am I glad to see you or did someone stick a banana in my pocket!”These only work if you’re comfortable with telling them. For a mini-second she will look at you if you’re really comfortable with you sexuality or if you’re pretending to be.If she feels like you’re genuinely comfortable with them then you’ll succeed and she’ll feel more comfortable with your sexuality as well.You can also use sexual conversations with women you’re dating too.

Sexual Talk Tip #3 – Talk Outside The Bedroom

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The best time for any sexy talking is outside the bedroom.It turns her on more because she won’t expect it.It’s much better to tell your Korean date that you want her as you’re eating dinner than in bed.But what can you do if you want to seduce Korean women but they don’t speak English?It’s all good – There’s a solution for that too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

How To Use Sexual TalkIf You Can’t Communicate

If she doesn’t speak English then you can use your body to communicate!Instead of whispering how you’d want her in the restaurant you can suddenly make out with her in the elevator (if there aren’t any cameras of course.)Instead of telling a sexual joke you can use your body and facial expressions. For example if she takes something from you you can hold on to it and pretend to moan slightly. This will get a laugh.In other words if you’re comfortable with your sexuality and creative enough you don’t need to speak sexually.

What Else Can You Do With Sexual Talk?

Once you are good at this you can make Korean women see you as a more sexual being. That’s when it can get interesting…

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