3 Pickup Cute Korean Girls Tips For Instant Results

Pickup Cute Korean GirlsWith These ‘Game’ Tips!

Pickup cute Korean girls successfully with these tips that will boost your game.

Want solid tips to pickup cute Korean girls?The #1 mistake guys make is to not know what they’re doing.

They go online and get pickup advice from random sources.They don’t see the big picture or understand ‘why’ the tips work.They go on dates the same way you would throw spaghetti against the wall hoping something will stick.Let’s try something new!After coaching guys in Korea for 4 years I’ve discovered the 3 key ingredients that will make your game run smoother.Now you too can boost your dating success as I reveal the big picture.Attention! This may sound simple. So simple that most guys miss them! In reality this is the core of ‘game’.Transform how your game with these 3 simple truths and watch your success sore!

What Does That BeautifulWoman REALLY Want?

What is your ideal kind of Korean woman? Is she a world traveler with an interest in cultures? Is she a model? Once you know what your type of woman is I recommend figuring out what she would want.Naturally she’d want a man but what type of man? Would she want a globe trotter? Or a photographer kind of guy?The best way to find out what type of guy your ideal Korean women would want is to look at their current boyfriends. How is he dressed? How does he act?In Korea there’s more of a ‘clicky’ feel to the social groups. The reason is that Koreans are very community-oriented. Want the women from a particular community? I recommend becoming part of it first.Or at least ‘looking it’. Also would your ideal woman want a long term relationship? Or a fling? Knowing what she’d want will help you structure your game to match it.

How To Find That Cute Korean Girl!

It’s time to think for a second. ;-)Where would she hang out? If she’s a cute Korean model then you have better chances finding her in a model bar or social event.If she’s an avid book reader then you’ll be better off hanging out in bookstores. I recommend looking around you for the places your ideal cute Korean girls would hang out. For ‘Mystery’ he liked stripper types so he hung out in Strip clubs. For me I enjoy the cosmopolitan ones so I would go to the foreign areas of town. What about you?Knowing where she hangs out does more than save you time. You can also structure your game to match that environment.Would she be in bookstores? What would be a solid opener? How about “what’s a good book on Korean culture?”If she was in a club would that be as effective? How about “what time does the party start?” for the club? We restructured our opener based on our new location.Reconfiguring what you say and do to match where she would be is very effective!

Give Her What She Wants

This is where ‘game’ comes into play. You’ve read all the ‘methods’ to pickup women. They all have their own strategies and work to pickup different types of women. Some styles like ‘Juggler method’ focused on picking up social ‘neighborly’ girls at a bar or lounge. Other styles focused on the hot babes from Rodeo drive.Some styles also focus on building long term relationships. Others focus on getting the quick one night stand no matter what she looks like.If you want to learn more about a Pickup style that focuses on dating Korean girls then I recommend getting your free 1 hour interview below.Simply sign up to our KDT club and you’ll also get a US$27 e-book that will help you get started with meeting Korean girls.I don’t mind giving those dating tips away as long as you promise yourself to practice or learn one thing from them. Simply sign up below!

Pickup Cute Korean Girls…As In Now!

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Picking up Korean women is fun.Seeing them go from cold to putty in your hands is worth the courage to strike a conversation.Now that you understand how to structure your ‘game’ you’ll get better results sooner.You’ll also be able to pickup the kind of girls you genuinely like (and who like you.) In the end that’s what matters in my opinion.Again if you want more on how to make that happen claim your exclusive gifts by putting your name and email.Always the best! 😉

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