3 Dating Women Tips For Korean Dating

3 Korean Dating Women Tips To Fulfill Your Korean Dating Experience

Korean dating women tips – 3 things you MUST know to make your Korean dating life fulfilling.

Most women dating tips leave you confused because they only focus on the specifics. I recommend also knowing the bigger picture of your ideal dating situation first. In this case let’s say you want to date a Korean woman. It’s a good idea to know:

  • Your ideal type of Korean woman
  • Your identity
  • Your level of ‘game’

Once you have a solid understanding of those 3 things you’ll be able to have the relationship dynamic that you want much faster and more stress-free!

Dating Women Tips #1 – Decide OnYour Ideal Korean Woman

dating women tips

What is your ideal type of Korean woman? Is it a pop star look-a-like?

Or a 공주 (‘Kongju’ which means ‘princess’)? Do you like artsy women? Or university students? Where would she hang out? In the student district?

In the club district? In the foreign district? In Korea town? What would be her ideal boyfriend’s style?

You can figure it out by looking at the boyfriends of Korean women you find attractive. As opposed to most men, knowing what your ‘type’ is will help with meeting and having a relationship with her. Most guys just end up in random relationships and aren’t happy. :-(

You can avoid all that by knowing what type of Korean woman you like.

Dating Women Tips #2 – Choose Your Identity

If I were to look at a picture of you – what would I see? Would I see a businessman? Would I see a rocker? Or an artist?When a Korean woman looks at you she’ll identify who you are based on your clothes, lifestyle and living logistics.Would you say that your clothing markets your identity well? Is your fashion too generic? That’s not enough. I recommend either playing around with different identities or having your best friends describe you.

Where do you live? Do you live in the art-sy area? That’s great if you’re an artist. If you’re an entrepreneur then I recommend moving to a business district.

Note: Your identity is not who you are. Your identity is your image that you show the world. Who are you showing and is it congruent with who you feel you are?

Dating Women Advice #3 – Boost Your Game

Let’s be frank here.

How ‘good’ are you at talking to women? Would your friends say you’re smooth? Or would they say that you’re “too nice”? Most guys have amazing lives but because of their inability to communicate it to women, they aren’t able to have the relationship life they want.

If this is your problem then I recommend grabbing a copy of my e-book ‘Date Korean Women‘.

You also get more on the specifics on dating a Korean woman to make the dates run smoothly.

These Tips Work Together For You!

When you know the type of women you like, your own identity and how to communicate to women – you become unstoppable!

Most relationships happen randomly and both the men and women find out later that they weren’t each other’s ‘type’. This leads to heartache and sadness.

You can avoid all that by being aware of those 3 dating women tips and applying it for yourself. Again, I wrote it for Korean women but you can use it to attract anyone.

Have fun! ^^