#1 Dating Culture in Korea Tips For Dating Korean Women!

The Dating Culture in Korea And Dating Korean Women!

Dating culture in Korea revealed! Discover how Koreans meet and date in Korea so that you can choose how to date Korean women!

Do you live in Korea or want to date a Korean woman? Discover Korea’s dating culture and have it work for you!

You can decide for yourself if traditional Korean dating is for you. Or you can accept that you’d prefer to date Korean women as you would Western women.The typical 3-step process of dating Korean women in Korea is: • soggaeting (or blind date) • 3 months of dating • declaring the relationshipAlthough Korean dating culture is changing many people style use this style.Soon you’ll be able to choose more wisely if this style is for you too.

The ‘Blind Date’

Single Koreans meet for the first time through social introductions or ‘소게팅’ (Soggaeting.) If a single Korean is looking for a partner his or her friends would introduce him or her to potential suitors.Instead of meeting Korean women to hit on them you would ask your Korean friends if they know of any potential suitors for you.If they do then they would set up a big social meeting of 4 to 9 friends. You’d all go drinking and dining. If she likes you she would • give you her phone number (only if you ask for it) • agree to meeting you (only if you set up a date)No matter what dating culture in Korea you use – you’re the man so you will have to make all the advances.

3 Months of Dates… Boring!

Once you set up a date it would just be you two. Typically a Korean man would take her • for dinner • a movie • a drinkand would endure 3 months of platonic dating. Apparently a Korean woman would wait 3 months before getting more intimate with her Korean date.

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This is mainly because Korean culture slots women as either ‘pure woman'(yangji or ‘양지’) or a ‘shameful whore'(umji or ‘음지’).The “Madonna-Whore’ complex is greater in Korea.To make up for it Korean women make the guy wait 3 months before intimacy to make sure her reputation is intact.

Declaring The Relationship

In the West typically the woman pushes the relationship as her and you hang out. The dating culture in Korea is different.The man is expected to say “saguija”(“사귀자”) and declare that they’re a couple. In my experience Korean women usually don’t push for the relationship (although others have had different experiences.)In any case if you’re dating Korean women she’ll expect you to declare yourselves as being a couple (if that’s what she wants) or she’ll just disappear…

The Korean Dating Culture Is Different

but not because of the ‘introductions’. There a lot of subtleties and differences that you’ll have to experience to understand. Dating Korean women is a case-by-case situation. Then again dating her in a way she’s familiar with will make her feel more comfortable.That’s why being prepared and having the power to choose how to meet Korean women is worth it.In any case if think that Korea’s dating culture is for you then go for it!